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Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2 Release Date is a topic of discussion in this article. The new South Korean variety show has been the talk of the town ever since it was announced. Since then, the question of Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2 release date has been flashing on screens across the continent. Seems like people are curious about the latest television series. With the increasing hype of Korean dramas across the globe, people are getting aware of more and more dramas. However, Lending You My House On Wheels is a completely different series. However, for the fans, it is yet another chance of knowing their biases.  Just like the typical romantic dramas, this show is set to become world-famous in the coming days.

Lending You My House On Wheels is a spin-off of the famous South Korean variety show titled ‘House Of Wheels’. Owing to the latter’s immense success, Lending You My House On Wheels have attracted a huge audience months before its release. Now that the series is out, one can easily predict the future of this show. As of now, everything looks smooth and satisfying on the viewer’s part. Being a spin-off series, Lending You My House On Wheels is a bit different from the original one.

Earlier we saw three actors roaming around in their car-house. They used to invite guests to live with them in their house on wheels for a night or two. However, this spin-off series allows the guests to live in and enjoy without the house owners. The guests will have the opportunity to live and enjoy in this house that will be given to them on rent. This is set to be an interesting series, indeed.

House On Wheels: For Rent Ep2

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 1 Recap

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 1 was released on 13th September 2021. Ever since the episode was out, it has brought storm on the internet. Before moving on to the release date of episode 2, it is necessary to find out what happened in the first episode of the show. Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 1 kicks off with three guests entering a secret garden where the house on wheels is parked. Next to the amazing spot of Bukhan River, actors Lee Kwang Soo, Han Hyo Joo, and Kang Ha Neul walked into the garden. They seemed very excited about their adventure. No wonder, they loved the house at first sight. Interestingly, there was a letter for the guests left by the house owner. Every guest is supposed to do their own work. Right from getting the water by themselves to cooking and cleaning. Everything.

While exploring the house, the guests found various items like a coffee maker and light bulbs. All these items were gifted by some celebrities from the past. Despite the difficulties, we saw the three of them enjoying the new kind of kitchen and beds they were provided with. Not to mention that they decided to put on the light bulbs at night. With nothing to do, Kwang Soo, Hyo Joo, and Ha Neul decided to go out for fun. Hyo Joo was seen catching dragonflies like a countryside girl.

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2

Episode 1

It was hilarious to watch one of the finest actors doing such kinds of stuff. On the other hand, it was even more hilarious to see Kwang Soo and Ha Neul running with the air sofa in their hands to inflate it. Doing chores like cooking food and setting up the tent was way too hard for these guests.

What Happened Next?

Other guests actors Kim Sung Oh and  Park Ji Hwan entered joined the three guests in the House On Wheels. It was a pleasing delight for the three of them. Having more guests would eventually help them in managing the tasks. It seems like the real friends were set to have some fun. They were meeting after a span of almost six months. Unfortunately, these actors were unable to operate a simple gas stove. It created quite a ruckus while cooking inside the house on wheels.

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2

A still from Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 1

For the fans of Hyo Joo, it was a pleasant delight for them to watch her cook the food with patience and determination. On the other hand, the boys helped her with some chores and set up the dining table. Towards the end of the episode, the five guests were seen enjoying the food. Moreover, they were not tired of appreciating Hyo Joo’s efforts. Lastly, the guests went out for a ride towards the stream to get soaked. The temperature turned out to be too hot for them.

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Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2: When Will It Release And What To Expect?

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2 is scheduled to release on 20th September 2021. It will air on the tvN network at 5:30 pm KST or 2 pm IST. As we all know that the guests were headed towards the stream to refresh their minds, some new guests were seen entering the secret garden. It will be fun to watch the new members explore the house in the absence of the first guests. According to the show’s introduction, Lending You My House On Wheels will feature the cast of the upcoming film “The Pirates: Goblin Flag”.

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2

Lending You My House On Wheels Episode 2 will release on 20th September 2021 in Korea

For those who are Korean drama enthusiasts, this television series is a must-watch. One can stream the show on Viu also. Other than that, there is no streaming platform available for the viewers to watch this amazing variety show. For further updates, stay tuned toOtakukart!

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