‘Legacies’ Television Series Comes To Netflix

Legacies is the new-age version of The Vampire Diaries that was so popular among the teen population of the world. Legacies is the latest addition to the already wide world of mythical creatures. CW ended the Legacies season 1 about a week ago. Don’t you all worry as now the series is being streamed on Netflix, so if you want to re-watch it or if you are yet to watch it then Netflix now has you all covered?

The story of this new television series starts a new story which is based on years after the story of the Vampire Diaries. The story focuses on Hope who is the daughter of Klaus who we all are familiar with from the Vampire Diaries. Hope isn’t just a hybrid of vampire and a werewolf but she is a tribrid of a vampire, a werewolf and a witch making her super powerful. She attends the Salvatore School for special children.

At first, the life of hope is going smoothly until she gets to know that her boyfriend is connected to Malivore. At the end of the season, we see Hope sacrificing herself to protect her love and the world from being destroyed and kills Malivore in the process. For the record Hope’s death at the end of season 1 is presumed and not confirmed.

I think that Hope will make a comeback in the next season. The second season of this new television series isn’t far away as the new season will be released this year only during that fall season.

legacies season 1 review

The creators of the show were asked what will happen to the storyline in the season 2 because the story of the first season was solely focussed on Hope, to this the creators of the show replied that the story would be continuing its current trajectory.

This tells me that since the story is going to be going forward in the same way, I think this is already a hint that Hope will be returning in the second season as she might have survived somehow. Also, it was also discussed that this new show is open to expanding the number of supernatural creatures to an even greater number as they have been consulting various history mythologies and looking around which creatures’ myths existed when Malivore was around.

This new show seems even more interesting to me than the Vampire Diaries ever did because of the number of mythical creatures it is looking to introduce in this show. Nonetheless, you all can stream the show on Netflix now whenever you want.

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