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Lee Tae Bin Reveals his Original Character Details on The Penthouse and Logan Lee’s fate in the Season 3

Lee Tae reveals about his original character as gay in The Penthouse
Lee Tae Bin in theMay 18 episode of Video Star (Credit: MBC)

Well, many revelations are taking place as the release of The Penthouse 3 is coming near. The series did so well that the creators went to produce three seasons. In fact, not only the leading cast, even the young stars did a great job of making the show a hit one. Viewers may still remember how the basis of the plot revolves around the young stars. It is due to their deeds that the other happenings take place. Later on, the series moved around to the other leading cast. Now, interesting information is revealed by Lee Tae Bin regarding his character in the series.

Tae Bin played the role of Lee Gyu Jin in the series. He was the son of Lee Gyu Jin and Go Sang Ah. In the drama, most of the time, we see him playing games on his phone. Lee Gyu Jin also took part in the bullying, as shown in the drama. He is not much interested in his studies, although his parents want to send him to a reputed university for higher studies. However, he is the apple of the eye for his parents, who can do anything for him. They even begin to corrupt him by providing their support and giving him evil ideas.

Lee Tae Bin reveals his original character as being Gay in The Penthouse

Lee Tae Bin reveals about his original character was supposed to be gay in The Penthouse in a recent interview. He appeared as a guest in the Video Star of MBC on May 18, 2021, wherein he explained his character and other details. His character took an interesting transition from the original script. Lee Tae Bin says, his original role was written and supposed to fall in love with Seok Hoon. However, Seok Hoon falls for Ro Na. Thus, it became his motive for bullying Ro Na since he likes Seok Hoon. So, his original target was not Ro Na, but jealousy drove him to do so.

Lee Tae Bin spoke his character details

Lee Tae Bin speaking his original script role falling in love with Seok Hoon (Credit: MBC)

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Tae Bin mentions revealing his character for the first time. The revelations took the MCs with surprise. Furthermore, the same did not become the ultimate and final script. But, Yoo Je Ni took an interest in his character instead of him being in love with Seok-Hoon one-sidedly. Furthermore, Seok Hoon is already in a love triangle with Ha Eun Byul and Bae Ro Na. Seok Hoon had only eyes for Ro Na, which alone lead to her being the subject of bullying from the others. 

Lee Tae Bin spoke about Logan Lee’s Fate in The Penthouse Season 3

Lee Tae Bin spoke about the fate of Logan Lee in The Penthouse Season 3 when the MCs begged and asked him. We already saw the season 2’s final as how Logan Lee got blasted. His whole car, along with, him was left burning. But, we do not know much whether he escaped somehow or died. Lee Tae Bin also joked when the MCs put him the question. He said that he knows the answer and his fate. But, he also put another question to the MCs, whether he needs to move forward and spoils the same. Lee Tae Bin did give one hint to everyone in the interview about the upcoming season surpassing the previous two seasons no matter what anyone is imagining. The script for season 3 also left him in shock. So, season 3 will come with more exciting plotlines, secrets, twists and turns. 

Lee Tae Bin expresses a tough moment for him in The Penthouse Season 1

Lee Tae Bin expressed tough filming for him in The Penthouse Season 1 in one scene. He found it so difficult to film, he took the help of alcohol for doing the same. The actor spoke that he did not know what to do. The subject matter was very cruel for him as it was a never experienced thing for him. He even mentioned the scene, the one in which the young cast set the car in fire after wrecking, abandoning and locking the same with Min Seol Ah inside. His mind went blank after reading the script for the scene. The question of how he is going to do the scene well occurred in him.

Later on, he thought of giving all to make the same unpleasant since the scene itself was an unpleasant one. He should enjoy the scene after embracing the mindset of the role. But, even tormenting and bullying Seol Ah proved hard for him after getting on the set. Thus, he secretly drinks beer after the rehearsal for making the scene easier to shoot. At last, he mentions relying on alcohol a little for filming that particular fire scene. 

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