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Lee Joon Gi Net Worth: How Much Does the Star Actor Earn?

Lee Joon Gi's Networth
Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Ki is making a comeback in acting with a new K-Drama called ‘Again My Life’. The posters for the same are out and his fans are super excited. As much as we are pleased by the actor’s comeback, we are intrigued by and curious about him too. We know you’d like to know as much as you can about the charismatic actor ‘Lee Joon Gi’ so here we are, ready with a new article about him. The 1982 born actor, has come from humble beginnings and has paved a path to become a successful Korean actor in his country all by himself.

Lee Joon Gi is a jack of many trades. He is not only an actor, but a dancer, a model, and a singer too. It seems like he was born to be an artist. Born in Busan, the 39 years old actor was brought up by his father and mother. It was in high school when he first became interested in performing arts and since then started to strive towards it. He went against his parent’s will and went to Seoul to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His life in Seoul was difficult as he worked at many part-time jobs in order to earn a living while auditioning for several roles. He finally won a scholarship at Seoul Arts College to graduate in the year 2007.

Lee Joon Gi's Networth

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi’s Networth and Where does the Actor Stand?

Lee Joon Gi’s major source of income is acting. He has been building a place for himself in the entertainment circle ever since he got his first major role in a film called ‘The King and The Clown’. He has been growing and gaining new fans every day. Today, his net worth stands at 5 million dollars. Let’s get to know how the actor got to where he is now.

Lee Joon Gi’s Rising in Career

After making appearances in various dramas and films, playing small roles before he finally got a breakthrough. Joon Gi got his first major role in a movie when he got selected to star in the 2005 film ‘The King and The Clown’. In the film, he played the role of a historical figure named Gong-gil, a clown in the Joseon Dynasty. His acting in the film won him many awards and gave his career a kick-start. It was also during this period that he became the ‘icon’ of the ‘pretty boy’ trend in Korea.

Networth of Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi in ‘The King and The Clown’

Joon Gi’s Overseas Popularity

Lee Joon Gi’s place in the Korean Wave became more stable as he played the second-male lead in the romantic-comedy ‘My Girl’ alongside Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hee. His next film after ‘The King and The Clown’ was ‘Fly, Daddy, Fly’ which gathered much attention. It also got covered by the Chinese media. Participating in the 2007 Korea-Japan joint film called ‘Virgin Snow’ led to Joon Gi winning the Rising Star Award at the 27th Hawaii International Film Festival. In 2007 itself, Joon Gi played a part in the film ‘May 18’ which revolved around the Gwangju Massacre.

Lee Joon GI's Networth

Lee Joon Gi in ‘My Girl’

Lee Joon Gi got his first male lead role in the series ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’, a series that helped him present his martial arts skills. The series helped him get rid of his ‘pretty boy’ image. In 2008, Joon Gi got the chance to play the lead role in the SBS series ‘Iljimae’ which was a period-action drama. The series was a huge success with a viewership rating of 31.4%. On 29th July, 2008, Lee Joon Gi was selected to become the ambassador for the 2008 Seoul Hallyu Festival. He was also appointed the promotional ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organisation on the 5th of August in 2009.

Lee Joon Gi's Networth

Lee Joon Gi in ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’

Joon Gi’s 2012 Comeback

Lee Joon Gi successfully completed his military service with the Republic of Korea Army from 3rd May 2010 to 16th February, 2012. He made his comeback in acting with MBC’s period horror romance drama called ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ in the month of May in 2012. The drama was a huge success and became the most expensive Korean drama to be sold to Japan by MBC.

In the same year, Lee Joon Gi’s ‘JG Style’ was released in Japan, portraying the process that Joon Gi had to go through as he made his comeback. In 2013, Joon Gi starred in the Korean movie ‘Two Weeks’ which was once again an action film, putting Joon Gi’s martial arts skills on display. It is said that Lee Joon Gi seldom uses stuntmen for his movies, performing most of the action scenes himself.

Lee Joon Gi's Networth

Lee Joon Gi in ‘Arang and the Magistrate’

Lee Joon Gi’s Further Steps as an Actor

Since 2014, Lee Joon Gi has played the lead role in two-period dramas including ‘Gunman in Joseon’ (2014), and ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ (2015). In 2015, Lee Joon Gi was casted in his first Chinese movie named ‘Never Said Goodbye’. In January 2016, Joon Gi again played the lead role in a period drama called ‘Scarlet Hearts: Goryeo’. Although the drama did not perform well domestically, it was well-received internationally. In October of the same year, Jun Gi signed as the new model for Lotte Duty-Free Shop and participated in its promotional web series ‘7 First Kisses’. Lee Joon Gi then went on to make his Hollywood debut by playing a role in the final installment of the movie series ‘Resident Evil’.

Lee Joon Gi's Networth

Lee Joon Gi in the web series ‘7 First Kisses’

In 2017, Lee Joon Gi played the lead role in a criminal procedural series ‘Criminal Minds’. In 2018, Joon Gi played the lead in his first legal drama ‘Lawless Lawyer’ and in 2020, he starred in the thriller melodrama ‘Flower of Evil’. In ‘Flower of Evil’, fans adored the lovable relationship between Joon Ki’s character ‘Baek Hee Sung’ and his daughter ‘Hyun Soo’. In 2022, Lee Joon Gi is back to attack our hearts with his new drama ‘Again My Life’. Let’s wish him all the best for his upcoming work. Fighting!


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