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Lee Jong Suk And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Talk About Their Upcoming K-drama!

Lee Jong Suk And Girls' Generation's YoonA Talk About Their Upcoming K-drama!

Lee Jong Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA have graced the cover of Elle Korea’s March issue. The two have been cast for an upcoming K-drama named Big Mouth. Big Mouth is about a third-rate lawyer Park Chong Ho who has received a ten win-percent after a lot of the hustle and bustle. He suddenly finds himself working on a murder case and has to become more cunning than the enemies themselves to protect himself and his family. Park Jong Ho also has a wife named Go Mi-Ho who learns that her husband is the top suspect of being the genius swindler Big Mouse which leads her to try to clear her husband’s name. Not only is the plot of the K-drama interesting, but we are also going to see one of our favorite stars together in this K-drama.

Starting off with YoonA, she is one of the most popular and loved celebrities of Korea. Being one of the members of Girls’ Generation, aka the nation’s girl group, YoonA has been soaring high in the clouds. Plus, she will be returning to the K-drama scene after two years with Big Mouth. Moving on to her co-star Lee Jong Suk, this man has wrapped the whole world in his fingers. Famously known for his role in Pinocchio, fans have been waiting for the actor’s comeback.

Moreover, till now, Lee Jong Suk has been serving his time in the military and is now all set to make us go wow with the new K-drama. Keep reading to see why you should be watching Big Mouth according to Lee Jong Suk and YoonA!

Lee Jong Suk And YoonA Share Their Take On Big Mouth

If you are not already convinced to watch Big Mouth even after looking at the cast, which is quite unlikely, Lee Jong Suk and YoonA are here to convince you. Talking about his character in the K-drama Park Chong Ho, Lee Jong Suk said that he felt that his character was very realistic. Also, Lee Jong had mentioned that he even wanted to bring out his vulnerable side and thought Park Chong Ho was the perfect solution to it. Furthermore, it was time for YoonA to talk more about her character in Big Mouth. She said that as she picks new roles, she learns more about human nature.

Lee Jong Suk Yoona

Lee Jong Suk

YoonA, who is nearing her 15th-debut anniversary, talked about her growth as a person and how it affected her acting. She said that as she grows older, she feels that she has grown in many different ways. Diving more into YoonA’s character, Go Mi-Ho is currently working as a nurse. She had given Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Chong Ho financial as well as mental support throughout his journey to becoming a lawyer. Fans are already excited to see what the chemistry of the duo would be like and where the murder case will take them.

The Stars Talk About Their Passion For Acting

Lee Jong Suk and YoonA are undoubtedly some of the best and most well-known actors of all time. Along with talking about their characters in Big Mouth, Lee Jong Suk and YoonA have also talked about how much they love acting. In addition to that, Girls Generation’s Lim YoonA said that as she tried to get into her character Go Mi-Ho and how she dealt with her problems, YoonA said that her perception of the world expanded.

Lee Jong Suk Yoona


Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk said that acting gives him a great sense of accomplishment because of a very specific reason. Seeing thousands of people following his work and supporting him makes Lee Jong Suk think that his hard work was worthwhile. He shared he wants to repay his fans for all of the love they have given them. Lee Jong Suk even went on to say that his whole life had changed thanks to his fan. Other than that, don’t miss out on the duo’s K-drama Big Mouth, which has been planned to air in the first half of 2022.

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