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Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth In 2021: Who Is She Dating?

Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

We all know the popular Korean artist who is a popular singer and a great actress named Lee Ji-Eun. She started her career in the field of singing when she was a fifteen-year-old teenage girl. At that time, she got the opportunity to sing with the popular singer named Kakao M, which was in 2007. She made her debut with the release of a mini-album named Lost and Found. This album was not huge but moderately successful. With the success of this album, she released two more albums back to back, namely Growing Up as well as IU…IM.With the success of these two albums, she came to the limelight of the industry. Though her previous album bought her to stardom, she rose to nationwide success with her album released in 2010. She was the lead singer of the album named Good Day. The album received not one praise from the audience but also the critics. Her album secured the top position in the South Korean list, which is called Gaon Digital Chart. After a few years, her album secures the first position on the Billboard in the list of 100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of 2010.

Apart from being such a great singer, she started trying various fields of career. She started a new career as a radio host. Other than that, she also appeared in many television shows. She made her appearance in the supporting role in the popular teen drama named Dream High. Other than that, she made a few minor appearances as well. Namely, You’re the Best, Lee Shoon-Shin, Pretty Man, The Producers, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My mister, Persona as well, as Hotel del Lune.


Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

IU in her music tours

After completing her 10 years of training, she released her first album named Lost Child. Other than that, she made her first live performance at the popular music program named M! Countdown, which was held on the 18th of September in 2008. With this performance, she came to be known as a professional singer. After releasing her first album and the response it received from the audience, she released her second album. The release of her second album did not take many days. That is, it was out by the 24th of September in 2008 itself. Not only did the album was appreciated by many people, but it also received the Rookie of the Month award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea. She won the award in that year itself in November. Though it earned the award for some reason, it did not perform well in the commercial area.

After a few years, in 2009, on the 23rd of April, she released her first-ever studio album named Growing Up. In that album, she worked with a popular artist named Boo, the lead promotional singer of her album. After the success of her previous album, she made another album released by the end of 2009 named IU…IM.In that very year, in 2009, on the 13t of November, she became the lead singer of the album of Marshmallow. She did the program on a total of three major television networks. The name of the song is Saccharine. In one of the popular episodes of the reality show premiered in 2013 named Happy Together, she said that she detested the girly outfit and the hair that she had to put on in the song’s promotional event. Nevertheless, all her performances received appreciation worldwide, and she was regarded as cute at the events.

With all the ups and downs, her career went on until she rose to fame with the release of her another album. The album was named Nagging. For this album, she collaborated with the famous singer of the popular Korean Music Group named 2 AM, and the singer was Seulong. The song was made for the popular television show named We Got Married. The success and appreciation of the song earned her an award. Within a few days, on the 2nd of July 2010, she earned another award on the Music Bank K-Chart of KBS. Shortly after the song’s success, she sang the title song of the popular television show of the MBC drama named Road No.1.The song was named Because I’m A Woman. Other than this, she did a few more collaborations with the popular singers of her time. Namely, she collaborated with Yoo Seung Ho for the song Belief in Love; she collaborated with Sung Si Kyung for the song named It’s You. Other than that, she also collaborated with the popular singer Seungri of the brand named BIGBANGTogether they released a song named I know. 

Other than collaborating with this popular singer, she worked with many popular music producers as well. With that, she released her first mini-album in December 2010 named Real. Like her previous album, in this album as well she made an award-winning song by working with Lee Min Soo and Kim Eana. Not only once, but she received three awards for her song, which was on the 18th of December, 26th of December, and 2nd January in 2011.

The following year that is 2011, was the year of success for IU. In that very year, she rose to stardom and came to the limelight. She made her debut on the small screen with the popular drama show named Dream High. In that show, she played the role of the character named Kim Pil-Sook. The show premiered from the 3rd of January to the 28th of February. Not only was she an actress in the drama, but she also sang a song of the drama named Someday in January. Followed by the success of that, her albums and her songs, namely Good Day, which ranked as the number one song of the first quarter. Other than that, her songs like Someday and hr popular ballad named Only I Didn’t Know and the other song from her album named Real and the mini-album secured the 4th and the 7th position, respectively. It is also shown that she earned the third position under the list of being the Top 10 digital spot for the first quarter.

With time her skills improved, and she made her first original composition named Dreaming. This song was used in the popular drama named Dream High. But for some reason or the other, her song was not released officially. Within a few months that is on the 18th of June 2011, she organized her first official fan meeting along with a mini-concert which was held at the popular place named AX-Korea. The day became more special as it was her 1004th day since she debuted. In the meantime, she made another song which was for the famous drama series named The Greatest Love. The song was named Hold my Hand. By the end of 2011, that is, on the 28th of November, she released another full album named Last Fantasy. The album consisted of 13 songs which in a few days dominated the chart of Korean songs. With her albums and songs for popular drama series, her career went on through many ups and downs but always remained on the positive side of the graph in her later period. 

Net Worth:-

Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

With being one of the most loved Korean Singer, Lee Ji-Eun holds a net worth of somewhere estimated to be $15million.


Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

IU with the Golden Disk Awards

Being one of the most favored singers, the list of ber awards is never-ending. She won her first-ever award in 2014, which was the Mnet Asian Music Award for being the Most popular vocalist. In that very year, she won the same award under the category of being the Best Female Artist. After a couple of years, that is, in 2016, she earned the SBS Drama Award twice under the category of Best Couple as well as for the Idol Academy Award. She earned the award for her songs named Moon Lovers and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. A few years later that is in 2o18; she was awarded the Golden Disk Award twice under the categories of Song Division as well as Song of the Year. She won the award for her songs, namely Bluming and Through the Night. In that very year, she also won the Seoul Music Award under the category of Records of the year for the song named Palette. Her list of awards doesn’t end here but rather keeps on continuing. In the following year, that is in 2019; she won the Baeksang Arts Award under the category of being the Most Popular Actress. Other than that, 2020 was the year of success for her. In that very year, she won numerous awards as well. She won the Mnet Asian Awards thrice in 2020 under the categories namely Best Female Artist, Best Vocal Performer as well as Best Collaboration. Other than that, in 2021, she won the Golden Disk Award twice under the category of Song Divison as well for Song of the Year. With these, though, the list of her winning ends, but the nomination that she received is uncountable.

Personal Life:-

Lee Ji-Eun Net Worth

Lee Ji-Eun with Jang Ki Ha

Though not much is out in the media about IU’s personal life, with the least information that is available, it can be said that she is nowhere near the controversies and rumors that go on around the industry. Talking about her love life, she is in a relationship with the viral and famous Korena singer and songwriter named Jang Ki Ha. As said that much information about her relationship status is not known, but this did not fail to catch the eye of the media. The couple started dating back in 2013. With all beauty and happiness, they have a wonderful relationship 

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