Lee Je Hoon Talks About His role in New Kdrama ‘Move To Heaven’

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'Lee Je Hoon in Move To Heaven
Move To Heaven k-drama

Move To Heaven is a recently released South Korean drama. Lee Je Hoon talks about his role in the new Kdrama ‘Move To Heaven’. Lee Je Hoon is currently on full roll. His versatile performance is making him stand out more and more as an actor. His Netflix original series released recently on 14th May 2021. Lee Je Hoon recently went for a photoshoot for a prestigious magazine. After which he gave an interview on his recent works. His current ongoing drama Taxi Driver is going extremely well and is considered to be a super-hit series. Meanwhile is Netflix’s original series Move to Heaven released on 14th May and has a total of just 10 episodes. The drama is extremely good and showcases the human side of an individual. The drama makes us realize the worth of human life and human emotions.

Move to Heaven is about a boy who now runs his father’s business. He has Asperger syndrome, and after his father dies one day he is left under the guardianship of his uncle. His uncle, Sang Koo went to prison and has now been given the responsibility of his nephew. After a while, the two get attached together and run the business together. Their business “Move To Heaven is about arranging items left by the deceased and handing it over to their families. Working as trauma cleaners, they uncover many unsaid stories and go through their emotions and sentiments.

The drama is very touching and strikes a chord deep in your heart. It has been adapted from the nonfiction essay “Things Left Behind” which was written by professional trauma cleaner Kim Sae Byul. In his recent interview, Lee Jee Hoons opens about his experience with the new characters and shares his opinion overall.

Lee Je Hoon talks about his role in new K-drama

Lee Je Hoon in move to heaven
Lee Je Hoon talks about his role in new Kdrama ‘Move To Heaven’

Taking about Move to Heaven, Lee Je Hoons talks about how he felt after receiving the offer for the role. The series was released worldwide via the global streaming network Netflix. Until now, he has delivered many great characters and a recent example of it being is his current ongoing drama Taxi Driver. He even shared how emotional he felt about the chore when he first went through the plotline. The drama teaches us human values and emotions. That how important is life and the people involved with our lives. The actor even further commented that he doesn’t recall feeling this emotional after reading a script ever. He even shed many tears after reading many plot scenarios. Since it is a very good human drama, he further wishes maximum people to watch it. Since one can get many life lessons from it.

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Like his other characters, Lee Je Hoon worked extremely hard to get into the charter. He made a decent transformation for his role in the drama. From his new style to his new hair cut he worked acutely on every aspect related to his character. Lee Je Hoon further also shared his experience from the show and how it taught him so much. Since the character he portrayed is something he never did before. Plus, he minutely observed the detailing about trauma cleaners and also of Asperger’s syndrome. The various aspects of our society are brilliantly portrayed in the drama. It is a must-watch drama and is extremely heart-touching. In the presentation, to the portrayal of the drama, everything has been done just perfectly. So, if you are looking for a good short drama nothing else can be more perfect.

The Cast of ‘Move To Heaven’

Lee Je Hoon talks about his role in new Kdrama 'Move To Heaven'
A still from the k-drama Move to heaven

‘Move To Heaven’ was released on 14th May at 4:00 pm KST. The drama has a total of just 10 episodes, with the duration of each episode being approximate of 50mins. The direction of the drama has been done under Kim Sung Ho. With the screenwriting under Yoon Ji Ryun. In the main lead role of the drama, we have Lee Je Hoon, along with Tang Jun Sang and Hong Seung Hee. Move to heaven is the 11th Netflix original series of South Korea. The genres of the drama include life, drama, and family.

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