Lee Hyeri Talks About Her Character In Moonshine & Future Plans

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Lee Hyeri Talks About Her Character In Moonshine & More
Lee Hyeri

Lee Hyeri has recently sat in an interview and has revealed many interesting details about her character in “Moonshine,” her future plans, and her supporting pillars. She is one of the popular personalities of the South Korean entertainment industry, and thus the entire internet out there is being flooded with tweets about the same.

Moreover, her recent appearance in the tvN’s fantasy-romance drama series “My Roommate is a Gumiho” gained her a lot of success and recognition. And, now, with her starring in the lead role in KBS2’s historical drama “Moonshine,” has created another success buzz on the internet. Here, we have summarized all the essential details from her recent interview of her. Therefore, let’s have a look inside.

Lee Hyeri Talks About Her Character In Moonshine

In this recent interview, Lee Hyeri has shared many intriguing aspects of her life and career. When asked about her opinions on playing Kang Ro Seo in “Moonshine,” she said that this whole project was really motivating for her and gave her many chances to improve.

Explaining the same, she commented that she always wants to do better than the previous day. She focused a lot on polishing the charming look of her character and on the ways by which she could express Ro Seo’s emotions more effectively. She wanted to connect with Ro Seo, and thus when the latter was sad or happy, it affected her too. Hyeri said that she wanted to do much better and will definitely do that in her next project.

Lee Hyeri has been starred in varieties of drama series with different genres. Thus, when asked about the differences between projects and characters, she mentioned that for her, Ro Seo stands for wisdom. She is someone who puts her thoughts into action and is very flexible. She has the patience to listen to others and also think about what is right for her. And all these qualities make Ro Seo completely different from her other characters.

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Lee Hyeri Talks About Her Character In Moonshine & More
Lee Hyeri

Further, she thanked her co-stars Kang Mina and Seo Ye Hwa. She said that she had various scenes with Seo Ye Hwa, and the most memorable amongst them is when she frees him (Cheon Geum). She also revealed that they both ended up crying a lot as the scene portrayed the worries, hardships, and adversities of their characters.

There are many significant scenes with Mina too. Hyeri pointed out that Mina is a really good friend to her. Her persona makes her the best and the moments they shared together were very enjoyable.

Hyeri has always been known for building up strong and fantastic chemistry with her co-stars. When asked about this, she said that how she treats people on the set is revealed on the screen. Being worried about someone’s health and well-being is shown a little more on-screen, and of course, there is no secret behind it.

Lee Hyeri
Lee Hyeri

Future Plans

Talking further, Lee Hyeri shared her emotions about turning 30. She said that she is someone who sets some specific goals every new year, and this year it was to stay healthy. For the same, she has been attending Pilates classes.

She continued further and talked about her group members and said that they are the people with whom she talks in a very comfortable way. They are like a family and know everything about each other. She pointed out that it is a relief that she has them.

Wrapping up the interview, Hyeri talked about her future projects and explained that it is uncertain. There are lots of options on the list, and she is still thinking about them. Recently she has also started studying with her actor friends, and once she is done with that, the next place will be the set. Also, she is trying to come to a decision so that her fans won’t have to wait any longer.

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About Lee Hyeri

Lee Hyeri is a globally recognized South Korean actress and singer. She is popularly known for her golden vocals and incredible screen presence. Recognized as the youngest member of the girl group “Girl’s Day,” Hyeri was named the “Nation’s Little Sister”.

SBS’s weekend drama “Tasty Life” was her debut into the acting realm. She gained the attention of mainstream media in 2014 through her 4-day long appearance on “Real Men”. Her rising popularity and stardom bagged her the Best Female Newcomer award at the MBC Entertainment Awards.

She appeared in the lead role in one of the highest-rated drama series in Korean cable television history named “Reply 1988”. In the year 2016, she ranked on the third position in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list. And Hyeri is also one of the highest-paid commercial models in South Korea.

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