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When Is Lee Dong-wook’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life

Lee Dong-wook: When Is the Actor’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life
Lee Dong-wook

When Is Lee Dong-wook’s Birthday? Lee Dong-wook is one of those faces in the South Korean entertainment industry that you could never get tired of. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Lee is recognized as an amazing actor, fine host, incredible model, and entertainer in the industry. Working under the agency called King Kong by Starship, Lee is one of the popular faces of the Korean entertainment realm known for his roles in many television series and as host of many talk shows.

2005’s My Girl, Scent of a Woman, which aired in 2011; 2014’s Fugitive of Joseon and Hotel King, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017), 2018’s Life, 2020’s Tale of the Nine-Tailed are some of the notable television series he has worked in. His work and screen presence in all of them were highly praised and appreciated not only by the audience but also by the critics. His popularity and amazing personality have earned him a fair amount of media spotlight and a huge fanbase who are crazy for him.

With his firm passion and dedication for his career on the screen, he has gained immense fame and fortune that has made him media and paparazzies favorite. There’s a lot to know about him, and fans are always digging in further through the internet in the hope of fishing out something new about the Korean star. We are here to skim through his career, achievements, and personal life and tell you every detail about the same.

When Is Lee Dong-wook’s Birthday?

Lee Dong-wook’s Birthday is on 6 November 1981. He completed his education at Joongbu University – Broadcasting and Media Arts. He was enlisted for the military service in August 2009 and served under the National Defense Public Relations Services. In June 2011, he was discharged from the same.

Lee Dong-wook: When Is the Actor’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life

Lee Dong-wook

In the year 2018, Lee was appointed as an honorary ambassador for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. On January 12, he attended the honorary ambassador ceremony for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Taepyeongno Press Centre in Seoul. In the same year, he was also appointed as the tourism ambassador of Gangwon Province.

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Lee Dong-wook: His Dating History

Lee likes to keep his personal life as low-profile as he can, but his dating rumors still end up crawling all over the media. Being one of the most popular faces in the industry, he has always been on the radar of paparazzies and media channels. There are several dating rumors about him, and he has been said to have a long dating history.

  • Bae Suzy:

The South Korean singer, actress, and model Bae Suzy expressed her views on her idol type in an interview. She mentioned Lee Dong-wook as her type, and that was enough for the media to turn wild. In the year 2018, the couple took their relationship from professional to romantic level.

Lee Dong-wook: When Is the Actor’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life

Bae Suzy

Though, things didn’t turn out as they were expecting. Due to the age gap between the two, they received severe backlash from their fans. One thing led to another, and just after four months of making things official, they decided to end things. Their agencies revealed the news to the public.

  • Yoo In-na:

The South Korean actress and DJ Yoo In-na co-starred with Lee in the series Goblin. In an interview, In-na opened up about her love interest and said that she has never met a good actor like Lee. The statement by her made her fans crazy, and they started to ship them a lot.

Lee Dong-wook: When Is the Actor’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life

Yoo In-na

However, the rumors were never confirmed by either of them.

  • Lee Da-hae:

Lee Da-hae is a South Korean-Australian actress. She said during an interview that she dated one of her co-artists for a whole year. She also said that the two are no longer together but still have a close relationship with each other as good friends.

Lee da-hae

The statement by her made fans assumes that the secret co-star she was talking about was Lee Dong-Wook as they shared many adorable moments together. However, the rumors were neither denied nor approved by any of them.

  • Jessica Jung:

The South Korean-American singer, songwriter, actress, author, fashion designer, and former member of Girl’s Generation was spotted together in a party with Lee in 2012. The news worked as fuel to the fire of the dating rumors that; were already around the internet about their relationship.

Jessica Jung

The pressure was so much that Lee’s agency had to step in and clarify that; they both are only good friends who decided to attend a party together.

  • Kim Hyun-Joo:

She is a South Korean actress and was rumored to be in a relationship with Lee after both were starred opposite in the 2009’s drama series titled “Partner”.

Lee Dong-wook: When Is the Actor’s Birthday? His Career and Personal Life

Kim Hyun-joo

Though, things were never confirmed by any of them.

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