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League Of Legends: New Champion Gwen: What You Need To Know

League of Legends is coming up with a new legend for all the gamers. They recently announced this in their patch notes. There are already 154 legends in the game, and the developers are adding one more. League Of Legends is a classic game, and it has a major role in the e-sports industry. This game was launched way back in 2009 by Riot Games, but it is still one of the most played games and has won many awards in different categories. It is a team-based game. Two teams of 5 players each go up against each other in order to destroy the other’s base and claim dominance.

So this was all about the game. Actually, not all. There is much more to it. I just gave the main motive to win a game. There is so much more to the game, like the tactics, different strategies for different legends. You can play this game casually or at a competitive level. The competitive level is ridiculous as it is e-sports’ one of the major attractions. For now, let us focus on the upcoming new champion. The champion is named Gwen.

All about Gwen

Gwen is a melee character, and she uses a pair of scissors as her weapon. For now, she has 4 active abilities and 1 passive ability. Like every character, Gwen has a back story too. Gwen is a doll who has been given a human form with the help of Viego’s magic. So in total, she has 5 abilities. We also have some details on all her activities. Let’s have a look at them.

Gwen League Of Legends

Active Abilities

Snip Snip

Snip Snip is an ability where Gwen snips her scissors at a rapid pace between two to six times. Two is the minimum, and one snip gets added every time Gwen lands a basic attack on the enemy. The snip causes magic damage. The enemy at the center of the attack deals a lot of damage and also additional magic damage from Thousand Cuts. A Thousand Cuts is a passive ability which we will discuss below.

Hallowed Mist

Hallowed Mist is an ability where Gwen can spin and create a shield of mist that will act like armor and protect her from attacks. Enemies outside the mist will not be able to hit Gwen with any of their abilities. The Mist will move with Gwen only for a single time. After that, If you try to move with the mist surrounding you, the mist will vanish.


Needlework is a cast that Gwen can cast up to three times on a single enemy. Given that, each cast is fired within an 8-second gap. The needles deal magic damage that slows down enemies and applies Gwen’s thousand cuts bonus magic damage. The number of needles increases with every cast. The first cast will cast one needle, the second will cast 3, and the third will cast 5 needles.

Skin N Slash

Skin N Slash is a dash attack. Gwen dashes for a short distance which increases the range, speed, and magic damage for 4 seconds. If you attack an enemy during this 4 second period, you will get 50% of the ability’s cooldown back.

Passive Abilities

Thousand Cuts

A Thousand Cuts is an attack that will deal bonus on-hit-magic damage that will be based on the percentage of her health.


League Of Legends: New Champion Gwen Release Date

Coming to the release date, League of Legends hasn’t yet announced the release date of Gwen. All the details mentioned above have been taken from their official notes. They have said that the new legend will be unveiled in the game in update 11.7. So, apart from the release date, they have probably announced everything.

Have you ever played League Of Legends? If yes, then let us know who your favorite legend is. What is your play style, and what do you make of this new legend which is coming into the game. If you haven’t played League of Legends. Then you should give it a try. You may like it or you may not, but it is one of the games which everyone must try at least once.