Law School Season 2 – Will Kdrama Fans Get New Season

Law School Season 2
Law Schhol cr: Netflix

Law School is a captivating series that had us all hooked when we first saw the trailer. The drama has been winning the hearts of many. In this article, we will explore all the details regarding Law School Season 2. Furthermore, the drama was broadcasted first on the 14th of April and served as a cure to those who were suffering from Vincenzo withdrawals.

The story is focused on a grim incident that takes place in a top law school.  Yang Jon Hoon, a criminal law professor is the personification of ”no funny business”. When a professor dies on campus, everyone on the campus is put under the radar. Moreover, the devil Professor Yang Jon Hoon, is labeled as the main suspect. As the students of the prestigious law school embark on a journey, they uncover deeply hidden secrets.

Law School Season 2
Law School cr: Netflix

The first season of Law School was so popular that even before it ended fans were begging for a new season. Furthermore, the drama barely has a single bad review as everyone could not get over the plot twists. This drama keeps away from any of the typical cliches that we see and is relatable as well as thrilling. In one of the best law-focused content that is available on Netflix. With the show being so good, the only question that has been keeping fans up all night is if there will be a Law School Season 2?

Law School Season 2: Truth or just Fiction

Law School Season 2 release date should be in late 2022 although this has been not been confirmed by Netflix yet. Long before the show even ended, fans were wishing for a season 2. You see, Law School is no ordinary Korean drama it is filled with plot twists. Furthermore, the series does not have a definite villain, just ambitious students who are trying to find the true culprit. Each episode had the viewers wondering who is good and who is bad or whether they switched sides. A highly captivating series that is full of mystery. Moreover, the actors put forth phenomenal performances. It also has the actor Kim Bum, known popularly for his role in Boys Over Flowers, in the lead role. With the first season being so gripping it is but obvious that fans want a Law School Season 2.

Law School Season 2
Law School cr: Netflix

As of now, the broadcasting network of Law School i.e. JTBC has not yet reviewed the series Law School for Season 2. Although it is highly unlikely that a Korean drama gets a second season, there have been a few exceptions lately. Korean dramas are mostly short and usually consist of only 16 episodes. Although the short duration of Korean dramas is what makes them special, sometimes just one season is not enough. Furthermore, fans believe Law School might have a new season because of a few hints given by the cast members.

Is There Going To Be Law School Season 2?

The production team released a statement that said fans should continue to watch the show to see those who have grown together start afresh. This led many fans to wonder if a fresh start means Law School Season 2. Moreover, during a recent interview Ryoo Hye Young, the lovely actress who plays Kang Sol A said that she would love a Law School Season 2. She also said that she does not know for sure, but one can always hope. Furthermore, in a live stream on Instagram that consisted of the cast and crew of the Kdrama, when asked about Law School Season 2 the director replied with ‘shshhh’ emojis. This is exciting news for the Season 2 awaiters.

Law School Seaaon 2
Law School cr: Netflix

Although all these points towards the second season of Law School, the chances are still slim. The cast and crew have already posted their goodbyes to the series. Furthermore, the ending solved almost all the mysteries and gave justice to the people that deserved it which leaves very little room for a second season. Although fans are arguing that the second season could focus on the new beginnings of the students. With popular dramas like The Penthouse: The War In Life, Hospital Playlist, Love Alarm, The Voice, Welcome to Waikiki, and Kingdom getting more than one season, the doors for a brand new season are wide open. If there is going to be Law School Season 2, we will be informed within two weeks. Fans excitedly await the second season of the thrilling drama Law School.

While waiting for a second season, you can binge-watch Law School again on Netflix.

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