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Law School Episode 9: Release Date & Preview

When is Law School Episode 12 releasing?
law school Episode 12 promotional poster (Credit: JTBC)

The storyline for Law School is intriguing and exciting right from the beginning. One will encounter solids turns, and twists at every aspect of the drama, that will keep the audiences glued to the screen. There are various subplots and themes of the show, although the main one is to apply the theoretical knowledge to a practical one. Well, the students from Law School did get a chance for applying their theory into practice. It starts with the murder of Professor Seo, who was suddenly found dead during a moot court session in the Hanguk Law University. Viewers are ever more excited for Law School Episode 9 release later.

The series revolves around only one murder only until now. Now, who is the real murderer? Professor Yang becomes the accused of the case. However, the case becomes more complicated when more evidence and things are coming to light. Many students also become suspects. It seems everyone has a reason or motive to kill Professor Seo. Moreover, it becomes tough to find the real culprit with every new episode and revelations. Now, let’s know in detail all about the upcoming episode. 

Law School Episode 8: Recap

Law School Episode 8, like every previous episode, started with a prologue giving a list of episode 7. The same then continues from episode 7, where Professor Yang stood in court for his 2nd trial. The court session ended with Prosecutor Jin playing his lucky card of bringing a surprise witness to the stand. Does this leave a wave of tension and peril amongst everyone as to who will be that witness? But as the episode draws near to its third trial, Hanguk University Law student becomes a witness. Ye Seul comes up as the new witness for the trial.

What is the release date of Law School Epiosde 9?

A glimpse from episode 7 of Law School wherein Kang Sol A came to meet Professor Yang.

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As it was known, from the previous episodes of the drama, Ye Seul dated Assemblyman Ko’s Son. When Professor Yang mocked Assemblyman Ko in a meeting, the latter’s son used Ye Seul to provide a false statement in the court of law. But as seen in the third trial, Ye Seul acted upon her conscience and confessed the truth regarding the case. Later, in the climax, the episode once again ended in suspense not, when Ye Seul pushed her boyfriend, to which Professor Yang acted as a witness.

Law School Episode 9: Release Date

Law School Episode 9 release date is 12th May 2021, Wednesday at 21:00 KST on JTBC. The series is also available on Netflix, and the release time on Netflix varies depending upon the region. The time and date get based on the release of previous episodes and the broadcast of the series in South Korea. They are subject to change later, according to the broadcasting agency and the production unit of the series.

Law School Episode 9: Preview

Law School Episode 9 has a bunch of surprises in store for its viewers. After Episode 8 ended on a suspense note, Episode 9 has its bunch of suspense waiting for the audience. As seen from its preview, the son of Assemblyman Ko has been admitted to the hospital. Ye Seul pushed him, giving him a serious head injury. Professor Yang becomes a witness for the same. It will be intriguing to see how he reacts in the same. Assemblyman Ko blames Ye Seul for his son’s condition. He tries to harm her, but Professor Yang stops him by using a threatening card against him.

Later in the preview, it’s seen that Seung Jae, another student, was asked to be the next witness and provide an alibi for Professor Yang on his fourth trial. As seen from episode 8, Seung Jae also has a secret within himself which is bound to reveal in episode 9. It is expected to see that Seung Jae stole papers for the exam from the professors and stood first in class. Also, there is a hunch that Seung Jae stole Professor Yang’s laptop for the very reason. However, he didn’t know what was coming on his end. It would be a treat to watch the upcoming episode, if this so happens until then, we have to wait for the suspense to end and see what happens in episode 9.

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