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What To Expect From Law School Episode 7?

When is Law School Episode 16 releasing?
Poster for Law School Episode 16 depicting Yang Jong-hoon, Joon-Hwi, and Kang Sol A (Credit: JTBC)

There are many legal Korean dramas. One of such a drama, Vincenzo just completed airing and gained huge success. However, Law School is another such legal drama that is airing and ongoing. Also, Netflix is internationally distributing both series. One can move to Law School if they want more legal dramas or missing Vincenzo. Furthermore, the unique thing about Law School is that it is the first legal drama taking place in a school or university. Most of the prior legal Korean dramas portrayed the work life. Now, there is much anticipation for the Law School Episode 7 release date as each new week introduces a new suspect.

Law School takes place in the prestigious Hanguk University’s Law School. But, what will happen if a murder takes place in the very same place that teaches us about justice and truth. Well, the law school depicts the same thing and revolves around the same murder. A murder of a professor takes place during a moot court session. However, it becomes difficult for determining the real culprit as everyone had a motive to kill the victim. New suspects get introduced in every two episodes. It is also not easy for catching anyone who is studying and knows the law. Law School becomes more and more intense with every new episode. The drama also moves back and forth between two timelines, the past and the present. Now, let’s have a look into the recap of episode 6 before moving ahead to the Law School Episode 7 release date and other details. 

Law School Episode 6: Recap

Law School Episode 6 starts with Kang Seol A talking to his younger sister, Kang Byeol. She is concerned about Lee Man-Ho living next to their house. However, Lee Man-Ho appears before her sister. Byeol sprayed him while he began speaking with her. She ran away but dropped her phone, unfortunately. Later on, the police station called Seol A as Man-Ho accused her of defamation. Even her sister shared his information on some public groups. Man-Ho shows up, and Seol A began arguing with him. She asks why he is doing all this. He asks her to bring him, Kang Dan.

What is the release date for Law School Episode 7?

A glimpse from the Law School Episode 1, wherein Joon-Hwi is the defendant and Kang Sol- A is the prosecutor (Credit: JTBC)

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Seol A and Joon-Hwi get out of the police station. He drops her at home and recognizes her as the book store girl when he met her younger sister. We learn in episode 6 that Kang Dan is the twin sister of Seol A that has left home. Moreover, Man Ho is harassing her as he wants to find his son. It seems that Ye-Seul and her boyfriend has something off in their relationship as they were fighting with each other. There is also something shady about Yoo Seung-Jae that looks like he is trying to hide something. 

Then, the first trial of Professor Yang Jong-Hoon gets held. Yang said he is not guilty at the beginning of the prosecution. However, the prosecution is hell-bent on charging him and also asked to put him in jail. The first witness for the trial is Kang Joo-man, who begin to change his statements and said he saw the sugar packet. He also proceeds to say he killed Seo Byung-Ju. However, Kang Seol B arrives in time to stop him. The episode ends with Kang Dang leaving a letter for Professor Yang. Seol A receives the letter and goes to meet Professor Yang. However, he was on the phone and left the speaker on. The professor asks who is she on the phone, and at the same time, Seol A comes to the office. Then, a woman on the speaker says that she is Kang Dang. 

Law School Episode 7: Release Date

Law School Episode 7 release date is May 05, 2021, at 21:00 KST on JTBC. It also premieres on Netflix at 3 am ET. Thus, there are only two days until the airing of the next episode. Law School consists of sixteen episodes, out of which airing took place for six episodes. Moreover, the dramas release two episodes on Wednesday and Thursday of every week. 

Law School Episode 7: Preview

Law School Episode 7 will introduce a new suspect as the case is moving forward. It starts with Seol A asking Professor Yang to tell her if there is something between him and Dang that Seol A does not know. Professor Yang is also reading the letter Dang left for him. He asks Seol A if she can handle the truth. Then, she also says that Professor Yang is eviler than Lee Man-Ho, and he is the devil. Yang also says there is more to something than the trial. Lee Man Ho says that he has to meet Seol A’s sister. Seol A accidentally hit Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su. He gets very angry and asks what is her name. 

Assemblyman Ko Hyeong-su and Seo Ji-ho became the suspect in Episode 7. In one instance, we see him and Professor Yang talking in the preview. Yang asks him why him to which Ji-Ho replies that he needed Yang for his revenge. The professor says him he wanted to put Professor Seo in the dock and asks what other deals did he made. Ko Hyeong-Su became angry with Yang and thinks how could Yang cast the bait on him. He and Jin Hyeong-woo began thinking about plans to make him the murderer. Jin Hyeong says he will never get away as he has an ace up his sleeves. Then, he in the court asks another witness to be brought who saw the defendant killing Seo Byung-Ju.

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