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Law School Episode 7: Recap and Plot Breakdown

Leading Cast Kim Myung-min, Kim Bum, and Ryu Hye-young from Law School Episode 14
Promotional Poster for Law School Episode 14 depicting Yang Jong-hoon, Joon-Hwi, and Kang Sol A (Credit: JTBC)

Netflix is including a vast amount of Korean dramas or films, whether as their exclusive originals or as distributing rights. One recently included Korean drama that is quite eye-catching is the Law School. The legal college drama will have everyone on edge with their ingenious and mysterious element. It is one of the unique types since it tries to provide a deeper look into Korea’s legal school and system. Yes, there had been previous legal dramas, but not in a school or college scenario. Law School Episode 7 gave more intense drama and storyline. Now, let’s have a further look into the Law School Episode 7 recap.

Episode 7 of Law School starts in the backdrop of April of 2016. Assemblyman Ko was talking to Professor Seo in a sauna about a cheeky brat who went to seeing Prosecutor Yang for his violations in the Public Official Election Act. Furthermore, Professor Seo was saying that Yang would not listen to him. The Assemblyman replies that he has to make him listen as Yang only listens to him in matters of prosecution. Prosecutor Yang also comes to the Sauna after the Assemblyman calls him. The girls that were speaking about were Kang Dang, twin sister of Kang Seol A.

Law School Episode 7: Kang Seol A questions Professor Yang

Law School Episode 7 begins with Seol A entering Professor Yang’s office. She keeps the letter for him from Kang Dang on his table. Seol A takes Yang’s phone when she hears the other side as Kang Dang. However, the other side put the phone down. She questions Professor Yang, and asks is there anything between him and Seol A? Is this the reason for her leaving home? Professor Seo says can she handle the truth. He dismisses her and asks her to study nicely if she wants to pass.

Law School Episode 7: Breakdown

A glimpse from Episode 1 of Law School wherein Professor Seo and Professor Yang is talking with each other (Credit: JTBC)

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Law School Episode 7: Seo Ji Ho’s connection with Professor Seo

Law School Episode 7 shows the background of Seo Ji-Ho and what is his relationship with Professor Seo. Ji-Ho says to Joon-Hwi that it would be more appropriate to say in the case of Kang Sol B that she wrote the paper and less sense about Professor Seo writing the same. Then, he starts showing some articles about a CEO committing suicide by setting himself on fire after some accusations.

Ji-Ho reveals the CEO was his father and Professor Seo the prosecutor for the case. Thus, Ji-Ho founds it amusing what he wrote in his paper as to how it is a punishable act and human rights violation for disclosing the accusations of one. But, he did so in real life and contradicts what he wrote in the paper. Later on, Ji-Ho also tells he finds one more thing funny that Professor Seo and his father died on the same day.

Law School Episode 7: Goo Young Chang caught in the dormitory of the girl

Law School Episode 7 has an interesting thing, wherein Goo Young Chang, Jeon Ye Seul’s boyfriend is caught at the dorms of the girl by Kang Seol A. Previous episodes already hint that her boyfriend may be violet. Episode 7 further supplements those hints. Kang Seol A catches him as she and Ye Seul exchanges their room. However, Seol A decides to not push the matter forward as she was afraid of Ye-Seul getting kicked out of the university.

Law School Episode 7: Continuation of Professor Yang’s trial

Law School Episode 7 depicts Professor Yang‘s second trial wherein Sol A and Joon-Hwi are the witnesses. The prosecutor begins to ask them questions about the case and their opinions on why the professor maybe not guilty. Sol A took her to stand for the professor even though she argued with him previously. On the other hand, Joo-Hwi starts to intimidate the Prosecutor with a sugar packet.

Law School Episode 7: Is Seo Ji-Ho the real killer?

Law School Episode 7 shows the background story of Seo Ji-Ho and why he may have had a grudge against Professor Seo. After all, the same person led to the death of his father. Ji-Ho also previously gave the USB stick to Professor Yang. Now, the professor is using the same one for questioning him. He also tells before the court, Ji-Ho had a greater motive to kill professor Seo. Professor Yang also proceeds to ask him before the court if he killed Professor Seo. Ji-Ho replied negative. He did want to kill him but through law.

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