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Spoilers & Preview: Law School Episode 10

Law School Episode 10 Release Date
Promotional Poster for Law School Episode 10 depicting Yang Jong-hoon (Credit: JTBC)

Law School brings a lot of mysteries, secrets, and surprises to the show. Now, people are even more curious about Law School Episode 10 release date, ever since it got delay. The series features the students of a law school from a prestigious university who find themselves entangled in the death of the former Chief Prosecutor of the country. Furthermore, the former prosecutor built the mock trial court of the law school with his donations and spearheaded the same. However, it seems that not many people liked the former prosecutor due to some grudges against him. At first it seems, the case is a simple one with evidence pointing out towards all to one person.

But, the central plot comes when the case becomes deeper. It seems that not only one person but many from the law school has connections to the case. The most important fact is that no one is willing to come out and tell the truth about what happened exactly that day. To make the matter more complicated, many tampered with the evidence. Now, the prosecutor, for the case along, with one Assemblyman, is hell-bent on proving one professor of the law school as the culprit. They only need someone to take the blame. However, the professor is also one tough man to crack, and he is not going down without a fight.

Law School Episode 9: Highlights

Law School Episode 9 showed the troubles and difficulties for Ye-seul after she ended up hurting Young Chang. The episode also pointed out evidence that Seun-Jae cheated and got A+ in all the exams. However, he the primary witness for proving that Professor Yang is not the actual killer. He can nullify all Prosecutor’s Jin accusations at once. Kang Sol A came to know about the connection between Kang Dang and Professor Yang. Furthermore, no public defender or lawyer is ready to take Ye-Seul’s case due to the power and reach of Assemblyman Jin. 

Law School Episode 10 Preview

A scene from Law School Episode 8 wherein Joon Hwi and Ji-Ho are talking with each other.

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Law School Episode 10: Release Date

Law School Episode 10 release date is May 19, 2021, at 21:00 KST on JTBC original network. So, there are five days left until the premiering of the next episode takes place. Episode 10 will air on the Wednesday of the upcoming week. The episode is facing a delay as it was supposed to air on Thursday of this week. However, Baeksang Awards took place on the same day, May 13. Hence, the episode got postponed to the next week. Furthermore, JTBC is the official partner for broadcasting the episode. 

Law School Episode 10: Preview

Law School Episode 10 will start with the first trial of Ye-Seul. We will get to see if the court agreed to the jury trial as Professor Yang suggested or not. In the upcoming episode, Prosecutor Jin has requested the court to sentence him to twenty years of prison. He could not prove his alibi in the next trial as Seung-Jae was reluctant to appear for the same. In one instance, we see Professor Yang saying to the Prosecutor in the court that he is barking up in the wrong tree. Kang Sol A asks Joon-Hwi to catch the real killer. 

Professor Yang went to visit the person who stabbed him in prison. Yang Jong Hoon again asked the other person who asked to stab him. The prisoner shouts and says he did it alone because of a grudge. Joon Hwi finds something fishy. Joon Hwi went to ask Professor Yang, saying he has to ask him something. He asked something is missing from his uncle’s belonging. When the Professor asks him why. He says not why but how. I guess Joon Hwi discovered something from the missing belongings. We see Lee Man Ho saying to someone, so that’s what you want to know. The identity of someone will get discovered in the upcoming episode.

On the other hand, Ye-seul claims self-defence in the trial for her hurting her boyfriend. But, Go Young Chang says her she is responsible for his condition but is claiming self-defence now. Assemblyman Lee spoke before the reporters that Ye-Seul’s case does not stand a chance. Furthermore, the court will get criticisms for appointing a murderer as a public defender. Assemblyman Lee also asks someone to take care of something by giving a pen drive. I guess it is a leakage of something. Then we see how Ye-Seul comes running to Professor Yang, asking what she should do now? 

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