Laurence Fox Engaged: Who Is The Actor’s Fiancé?

Laurence Fox Engaged
Laurence Fox

Laurence Fox engaged, but who is the lucky girl? In terms of successful and famous bachelors throughout the globe, one name is obvious and common. The one-time actor – turned – anti – woke – reclaim party is now off the market. Yes! You read it right! If Laurence Fox is someone you consider to be an eligible bachelor, then you have to be disappointed because he is off the bachelor chart!

Laurence Fox – now better known for his political views and rants on social media about his ideologies, for his, failed but honest bid to become the mayor of London, and of course, The leader of a right-wing populist reclaim the party. Also accepting the role of playing DS James Hathaway in the ITV detective series Lewis confirmed the news about him ending his bachelor days finally with the caption, “An announcement. She said yes,” and a red love-heart emoji.

Fox Is Surly In Deep Love!

Laurence Fox is surely in love with her current romantic partner. Why? Well, there are no hidden facts about the wife-to-be, and she is Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle! Although, Earlier fans throughout the globe considered this as a joke because the husband-to-be is unlikely to make an announcement this big on mainstream social media. In Addition to this, earlier, Laurence insisted on never being with a woman under the age of 35 years. Why? Well, in the fear of her being “too woke” for him. But as they say, you can always choose a different thought but never the person who you will fall in love with. Fleetwood is somewhat 15 years younger. She is 28 years old, proving the fact that you don’t choose the person to fall in love with no matter What’s your criteria.

Laurence Fox Engaged
Laurence Fox and his ex-wife

It is important to know how Fox has two sons, Winston, 13, and Eugene, 9, with his ex-wife of 8 years! Her name is Billie Piper who is 39 years old. How did we and fans get to know about the entry of a new woman into Laurence’s life? Well, he is pretty good at keeping things private, but this time he posted a picture of him kissing a blonde woman whose face was concealed on New Year’s eve, indicating that he is romantically involved with someone! Believe it or not, it’s all true and nothing else. We all know that he was last romantically linked to photographer Sara McKinnon – with whom he spent at least the first lockdown of 2020 – but the pair reportedly separated last year.

Remember how Fox’s illustrious acting dynasty includes father James, sister Lydia, brother Jack, and cousin Emilia Fox, which has caused several controversies in recent years. Yes, he was dropped by his agent in 2020 after he rowed with a black ethnicity lecturer on Question Time about the Duchess of Sussex. Fox also waded into the anti-vax row and suggested that he won’t take a minute removing his children from the school if they will be forced to undergo the government’s covid vaccine program. From everything he said, people perceived that if someone is a parent and has children, then they should resist this insanity.

The ‘Not So’ Mystery Woman Laurence Fox Is Engaged to!

So who is this woman that took fox’s heart now? Well, we know her name, but what do we know about her? Well, Fleetwood Neagle, 28, is a prep school teacher from North London, and as a Matter of fact, Fox resides in the same area too! Do you know how two opposites attract each other? Well, unlike Fox, The 28-year-old woman is not very active on social media. Less Instagram, Facebook Twitter activity, a private profile on Instagram with a handful of followers and no profile picture but followed by Fox. We somehow got her profile. This is her Instagram Handle: @arabella_24

Laurence Fox Engaged
Laurence Fox and Fleetwood Neagle

Well, no one knows how the couple met, but it seems like the wife-to-be is proud and open about Fox’s political views. She was indeed photographed next to Fox on his mayor of London bid and bus battle. She actively took part in his political marches too. Arabella May Fleetwood Neagle’s parents, Paul and Kathryn Fleetwood Neagle, used to run a company named ‘My London girl Ltd’ selling dolls and toys! More on Neagle? Well, people are believing that she has a sister, Lucinda, who is also a teacher, and a brother, Olivier.

We also observed her sister posting a family picture where they all were having and enjoying a meal. Well, no one knows how Neagle’s parents feel about Fox’s outspokenness and political ideologies. Seems like he has some big plans for Neagle and his party! Apart from wishing them good luck we can just wait for the details of the wedding! Hoping for the best!

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