Did Latest Dragon Ball Super Episode Just Confirmed [Spoiler]?


The last episode of Dragon Ball Super has left us with the most satisfying feelings ever after Ribrianne was fallen out of the tournament stage. We haven’t seen any universe getting erased this episode, but this brings more promise for the next episodes to come. WIth Tien Shinhan being the last Universe 7 member to fall, it is about time that someone from Universe 7 will join the spectator’s seat.

And that person might just be out beloved Namekian. Piccolo and Gohan were last seen fighting against the two Universe 6 Namekians equally. The fight was stopped abruptly as Kefla and Goku powered up and bring havoc on the stage. When the two decided to defend the weakened Goku, Pirina and Saonel interrupted them.

After the “all Saiyan and all-Universe 2” fight of the previous episodes, the next would be an all-Namekian plus Gohan fight. The thing with the Universe 6 Namekians is that they have regeneration skill just like Piccolo. The twist here is that they seem to have unlimited stamina. With this, they can also regenerate unlimited times.

Gohan was seen powering up on his Ultimate form but it seems like he and Piccolo will still have a hard time with the Universe 6 Namekians. Mainly because they don’t have unlimited stamina and because they are also getting damaged during the battle.

It seems like Piccolo will hit the spectator’s seat next episode. He was last seen being melted with the typical Ki Blast animation that Dragon Ball is so fond of. WIth the looks of things, it seems like Gohan will be in trouble and Piccolo will be the one to save him again.

Ever since Gohan was a kid, Piccolo is the more father-figure for him. Piccolo is also the one who has taught Gohan majority of the things that he knows when it comes to fighting. It might be because of the dance that kid Gohan and Icarus the flying dinosaur have done before that melted Piccolo’s heart. But since then, Piccolo is always ready to protect Gohan and vice versa.

It might just happen again in the Tournament of Power. It might be mainly because Piccolo knows that Gohan will have a better chance of survival than him or he really just like saving Gohan all the time. If Piccolo would be eliminated, he is the fourth to the last U7 Baldy, with the last one being Frieza.