Latest DBS News Reveals – Something Big Is Coming For Dragon Ball Super


In the latest DBS interviews carried out with its first director and the production team, various news were revealed. There had been  rumors about many things concerning DBS, like about its movies whether it will end anytime soon or not. The good part is that all of that news is going to be confirmed sooner this year. Probably at the Jump Festa 2018 this December. The interview answered some of the questions that fans had been wondering about for some time, so let’s take a brief look into it.

Concerning whether dragon ball super is near its end, it was revealed that not even Akira Toriyama, its creator is even sure about it. As for now, the tournament of power is considered to be just heating up. So we have not yet seen its peak action. The interview also revealed that Toriyama has  not yet thought about how DBS will end.

The tournament of power is projected to end around march 2018, so there’s still lots of action coming. Toriyama also want to tell more story about the dragon ball universe/franchise, so the tournament of power is also not the last arc that DBS might have. A lot more is revealed to be on the way.

It is still not clear if DBS will link up with the original ending to the manga due to the fact that the end is still unknown. Both the anime and manga are still based on Toriyama’s story including the character designs.

So he is still the mastermind behind everything in DBS as well. Toei Animation might suggest some thing here and there but they disclosed that they cant force him to change the storyline in any way. So we probably wont see the case of other non cannon productions like with Dragon ball GT

Concerning the theatrical films, crossovers and any specials, they revealed that they will have to make an announcement later. People where told to be patient about this matter as they said that anything can happen. But as of now there is still no solid proof to confirm anything.

Some of the question asked revolved around Gohan’s involvement in the tournament, what has been happening in Buu’s case, as he was fat then trained and became thin and then out of the story just like that. Was all that Buu’s effort just useless like that? I mean there should be something that could be coming. Maybe another gain in power as well. But the answers appeared to still be not specific as the production team claimed to be just following Toriyama’s drafts.


On characters build up, it was asked if cell could come back and about Goten and Trunks future importance in the plot. Frieza was brought back with the resurrection F saga but will there be any DBZ villains appearing again? Well as the storyline is now at “anything can happen” we can’t say what could happen.

Even though Frieza still keeps his evil side, he seems to be a little bit loyal to universe 7. So after the tournament it might not be surprising to see him join the Z fighters. As it is now universe against universe and no longer about individual interests.

This interviews revealed that most of the things will be confirmed starting later this year. The Jump Festa will probably be the trigger of more news and announcements, especially for the year 2018 episodes. All we can do for now is to wait for the Jump Festa next month, much will be revealed by then!


No One Noticed One Thing About Vegeta In ToP

This post is written by DannyzPlay on reddit.

First off let me just say that Vegeta vs Toppo happening off-screen is not a good thing for fans. This match-up was something many desired before the Tournament Of Power even began. A fight like this really should have an episode or two dedicated towards it, hopefully, we see something later on.

Anyways on to the topic at hand. Every time Goku has surpassed Vegeta, Vegeta has always came to the realization that Goku is stronger than him, whether in a humble or covetous way. Whether he was frustrated or being humble about it he did always make it clear that at those moments he was weaker in power than Goku. He did it the first time he saw Goku on Namek take down Recoome.

Vegeta Said ” With that one blow, Kakarot has proved himself stronger than any other saiyan I have ever known. Perhaps any saiyan in a 1000 years, and I prince of all saiyans, somehow become a witness to this moment. I’m the only one who understands what he’s become. Kakarot has become a Super Saiyan.”

dbs episode 112

He even later did it when he told Frieza that Goku had become a Super Saiyan and would be the one to beat him.

This happens again in the Cell Saga as well. When Goku powered up to full power Super Saiyan Vegeta knew Goku had surpassed him and even said it here.

The third time this happens is during the Buu saga, when Vegeta learns about SS3 and then later admits Goku is better than him.

Moving onto the Dragonball Super during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament when Goku used Kaioken with SSB, Vegeta legitimately looks pissed that Goku is one step ahead of him

Every time Goku has ascended to a new level its been the same pattern with Vegeta. Fast forward to the current TOP and things here are different. Vegeta’s reaction to Ultra Instinct is not what you’d expect. Instead, he just looked puzzled, trying to make sense of what was going on. He didn’t look frustrated or angry that Goku had gotten ahead of him. With the last couple of Episodes Vegeta’s attitude has been the same since the start of the tournament.

Despite seeing the battle between

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