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Unhappy Fans of The Last of Us 2 Create Petition For NaughtyDog to Remake the Story

The Last of Us 2

The fans have been excited for the sequel of The Last of Us 2, as the first game itself was a huge success. Therefore, the next game was announced, and all the fans had high expectations. Now that the game is out already, fans did not take a lot of time to explore it. However, there is a huge problem in the gameplay which shook all the gamers. If you still have not played the game yet, then I would suggest you stop reading ahead as it will mention huge spoilers that you might not want to know before you play.

So, the game kills off the main character Joel, and all the fans were shocked to see that. Thus, a lot of fans were angry over this story, and the expressions have led to a petition where a lot of fans have shown support and now it is close to 25000 signs as of now. You can check the petition here.

The petition was created by a fan named Joel Miller (Literally), and he mentions that the gameplay and graphics were great, but he was unhappy with the story especially about the death of Joel who was killed by Abbie. Co-incidentally the petition starter and the character share the same first name.

Some other fans have also expressed their feelings, where Shivam Sharma’s comment is featured on the first page saying “Killing Joel was not a great idea. It makes me cry whenever I remember that movement when Abby kills him.”

Another fan named Joseph Romero commented “All we just wanted was a sequel about Joel and Ellie’s relationship going further like father and daughter, and playing as both of them once again; which was the point of the first game. Not a lesbian story and playing as a hated character.”

So, fans from all around the world are signing the petition to make ND remake the story, and it will be interesting to see what happens next!