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What To Expect From Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1?

Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1

Since the news of the release of Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1 broke out, fans have been eagerly waiting for the makers to announce a release date. Well, you can stop scratching your heads now, as we have got it all covered for you. This article will find out everything related to this documentary series, the release of the upcoming episode, and other interesting details. If you are into sports, especially basketball, and wish to learn all the tactics of the game, Last Chance U: Basketball must be on your watch-list. The show will not only reveal the strategies that one can implement while playing. But, also throw light on what it takes to grow as a basketball player. So, let’s dive in without any further delay. Check out the trailer below to get insights into the series!

Directed by Greg Whiteley, Adam Leibowitz, and Daniel George McDonald, Last Chance U: Basketball has been gaining a lot of buzz on various social media platforms. GQ Studios teamed up with Netflix to support the show. As a budding sportsperson, you encounter numerous hurdles to become what you have always wanted to be. Based on a similar theme, this “sports” series will be the sixth edition of the already popular franchise. Everybody aims at getting popular and become famous. And, this series vividly highlights how a sportsperson grows over time. Having said that, let’s now move to the next section to know when the season will be aired.

Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1 Release Date Revealed

The follow-up of the acclaimed docu-series Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1 will be released on March 10, 2021. The other seasons primarily focused on football players and programs associated with them. This makes this season stand out from the rest of the seasons. The trailer of the upcoming season was launched by Netflix a few days before. And, it has already gained thousands of views. A few weeks before, an official teaser was dropped that provided an intimate look at the lives of the players. Thus, loosen up your schedule a bit to make the most of the first episode of the sports series.

Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1 to be released soon

Last Chance U: Basketball Episode 1 to be released soon

As to where you can watch the show, we have already mentioned above that Netflix owns the rights to this series. All-new episodes will be released here, and we will keep updating you about the schedule of the episodes. The episode will be aired at 3:00 AM in the United States. There has been no announcement by the makers about the digital platforms where the documentary will be released. So, as of now, you can resort to Netflix to make the most of all the episodes that will be released in the coming weeks. The makers have always managed to impress the fans with realistic conflicts, amazing sports, and perfect visuals. We hope they continue the drill and provide us with more reasons to keep watching the series.

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Last Chance U: Basketball- What is the show all about?

This season will revolve around East Angeles College Huskies, a college sports program for juniors. Although the previous seasons followed the football programs of the college, Last Chance U: Basketball is an exception. As you would already know, this game requires endurance and physical as well as mental well-being. However, it’s not easy for players to keep themselves free from stress and disturbance when your life isn’t easy.

John Moseley with the team members

John Moseley with the team members

But, the head coach of the college football team named John Moseley, is determined and wants his team to win the tournament at any cost. The team is not that weak and consists of former D1 recruits as well as strong athletes with good stamina. But, the inner conflicts and lack of motivation are something that can prevent them from lifting the trophy. How will the coach ignite hopes in the team members? Will they be able to ward off the emotional stress they have been dealing with? How long will they hustle to prove their mettle? Well, we are as clueless as you. So, don’t forget to watch the first episode of Last Chance U: Basketball this Tuesday!

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