Las Chicas Del Cable Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Las Chicas Del Cable in Spain or Cable Girls is a period drama. Same shows, different names. On September 7 all eight episodes of Las Chicas Del Cable dropped on Netflix for a worldwide premiere. The episodes were available from midnight, California time. In the United Kingdom, Season 3 is available from 8 am on Netflix.

Cable Girls deals with the story of four women in a 1920’s Madrid setting who work at a telecommunications company. If you haven’t caught the first two Seasons’ of this period drama, you must immediately. The period drama marks the foreign languages show ventures of Netflix. It’s available on Netflix in 6 different dubbed languages with a number of subtitles (because the show was originally filmed in Spanish).

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 3

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 3: Cast

Lidia Aguilar (played by Blanca Suárez) and Carlota Rodriguez de Senillosa (Ana Fernández) returned to do Series 3 of the show. Besides, we also saw the following actor in recurring characters that they play:

Marga Suarez (Nadia de Santiago)Angeles Vidal (Maggie Civantos)Sara Millan (Ana Polvorosa)Francisco Gomez (Yon González)Carlos Cifuentes (Martiño Rivas)

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 3: Plot

In the opening of season 3 of the show, we saw Carlos carrying bleeding Blanca through the streets. Suddenly we hear a bloody explosion. At the same time, Angeles was also convicted and arrested for the murder of Mario Perez. The official synopsis for Season 3 goes something like:

“Welcome to the ‘30s. This season, they’ll have to stand their ground.”

We also saw Sara and Carlota also read out some letter with Carlota exclaiming that they are millionaires!

Las Chicas Del Cable Season 3: Trailer

There’s another teaser trailer for series 3 of the show besides the one I’ve linked above. It was released months before the actual trailer.

Cable Girls is available in a number of subtitles on Netflix.

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