Larsa Pippen‘s Partner: Who is the Boyfriend of Real Housewives of Miami Star in 2021?

Larsa Pippen's Partner
Larsa Pippen's Partner

Larsa Pippen has always been the center of attraction for her dating rumors. So, who is Larsa Pippen dating now? Her last dating with Malik Beasley indeed garnered a lot of attention. Malik already had a wife when he got seen together with Larsa. Later on, Malik’s wife also filed for a divorce and claimed that she was kicked out of their home along with their son. But, the reality star mentioned how Malik was no longer together with his wife when he was with Larsa. Well, the exact truth is still not known. 

Now, Larsa is very much into making her career and growth of the business. She does not want to have any such dramas in her life. Previously, she was married to Scottie Pippen, NBA legend, in 1995. But, they broke up after being twenty years in marriage. The reality star also shares four children with her ex-husband. Also, Larsa is rumored to have previously dated Tristan Thompson before his relationship with Kim Kardashian. She was also seen with a new man after breaking up with Beasley this year. However, she claimed that they are only friends and nothing more. 

Larsa Pippen Dating
Reality Star Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen Dating: Who is the Boyfriend of Real Housewives of Miami Star in 2021?

Larsa Pippen is not dating anyone currently. The former Real Housewife of Miami is very much single in 2021. She was once married to Scottie Pippen, the former NBA star. However, time and again, Larsa is embroiled in several dating rumors. For instance, she claimed to have dated Tristan Thompson. Then again, she got linked to Eric Moreland after her split with Scottie. Her most recent involvement was with Malik Beasley last year. But, she moved on from everything this year and is no longer with anyone.

Who is Larsa Pippen Boyfriend in 2021?
Reality Star Larsa Pippen with her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen

Furthermore, Larsa is very much invested in her career now. A close insider how she has moved on completely ever since the drama that took place with Malik. The insider also mentioned she has no communication or touch with Malik and does not know what he is doing now or if he has too moved on and is dating someone else. She is prioritizing her children and career. The reality star does not have any intentions of getting back together with Malik, even if he tried to approach her again. 

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Larsa Pippen was Married to Scottie Pippen for Twenty Years

Larsa Pippen met Scottie Pippen for the first time in 1995. Scottie, during that time, was already a divorced man and engaged to Yvette De Leon. Later on, he begins dating Larsa after meeting her and also broke his engagement. In 1997, the duo got married after two years of dating. Their marriage took place in Chicago’s Methodist Temple. Their marriage went on smoothly without any problems for almost eighteen years. However, problems ensued in their marriage in 2015 when the two announced their decision of a temporary split.

Ultimately, Scottie filed for formal divorce in October 2016 after police came to their house two times in three weeks. It got rumored that there was a domestic disturbance for which law enforcement came. Larsa officially stated after three days of filing the divorce that she and Scottie decided to end their marriage after careful consideration. The entrepreneur also stated that she hoped to raise their children with mutual respect and love, although they would no longer remain married. 

Larsa Pippen Dating in 2021
Reality Star Larsa Pippen with her ex-boyfriend, Malik Beasley

Larsa Pippen’s Drama with Malik Beasley

Larsa got seen together with Malik in November 2020, wherein they were holding hands. Soon, rumors followed about them dating. But, their dating did not last long as the couple called quits after four months. Furthermore, Malik already had a wife during that time which lead to several dramas between the trio. After that, Malik’s wife, Montana Yao, also filed divorce ensuing the rumors. His wife even claimed about her being blindsided by the affairs of the NBA star.

Meanwhile, Larsa alleged that Malik was not cheating as he had already separated from his wife when they were dating. Later on, an insider revealed how Malik and Larsa are still friends. However, they are no longer dating. It is stated that things got hard between the pair due to traveling and other works. Thus, they decided to end their relationship. 

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