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Lance Armstrong Girlfriend: About His Dating History

Lance Armstrong Girlfriend
Lance Armstrong

With the release of the new documentary Lance Armstrong, the audience is seeking insight into the dating history of the 48 years old professionalist. Lance was a triathlete champion and national sprint-course triathlon champion in 1989 and 1990. At a young age, Lance started with his career and lit the floor with his flawless performance.  Lance was a true determinant person and managed to win many titles and competitions. After being diagnosed with metastatic testicular cancer, Lance founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation (now the Livestrong Foundation ) to support other cancer survivors. Just like the sunrise, his career started and soon ended like a winter sunset.

Lance’s personality turned from the bigger star on the planet to being one of the biggest swindlers. Lance found his fame as an American cyclist. In the late 1999 and early 2000s, he made a clean sweep in seven Tour de France victories. From hosting the most luxurious parties to making a guest appearance on Tv channels, Lance became a sensation, and everybody was just his magic. With fame came a big and nearly unsuccessful dating list. Lance has quite an exciting past and dating history. Stay tuned to know everything you should know about Lance Amstrong and his life!

Starting With A Little About His Early Life

Armstrong was born Lance Edward Gunderson on September 18, 1971. His name was kept after a Dallas Brothers wide receiver Lance Rentzel. Lance was just 2 when his parents got a divorce, and soo that year, his mother married a salesman in Canada who later adopted Lance. He hails from Canada, and he has Canadian, dutch, and  Norwegian descent. At the age of 12, Lance developed a keen interest in swimming and started with a career from that point.

lance amstrong girlfriend

Lance Armstrong

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Is Lance Armstrong Married?

No, Lance is not married to anyone at this moment, but we cannot; he’s single. Lance has quite an interesting dating and marriage history and can be called the second version of Ross Geller from the tv series friends. Lance is also a father but not to the kids of the same mother. Find out who is Lance Amstrong’s girlfriend and how many kids does he have?

Unlike other stars, Lance keep is really social about his personal life and has a lot for his fans. Lance has been engaged thrice and married once. The tragic ends of relationships haven’t stopped Lance from finding the perfect soulmate for him, and the hunt has been continuing ever since he gained fame and started his career.

Lance Amstrong’s first wife – Kristian Richard

Lance met Kristian in 1997, and the pair ended up falling for each other in no time. In just one year, the couple announced their marriage. They gave birth to three kids. The couple had a devastating divorce in 2003. The children were still in diapers when they decided to split up. Lance, in one of his interviews, explained how difficult it is to say I’m out, especially when you don’t want the thing to over and the children are also involved.

Second To Be Wife -Sheryl Crow

Lance’s relationship with Sheryl lasted for a long time. He met the popular musician the same year he got his first divorce and soon fell in love with her. The couple had themselves all over the media, and everyone thought them to be the endgame. But the announcement of their breakup just sometime before their marriage was a huge shock. Lance later explained that Sheryl wanted a perfect family, perfect marriage, and kids. But Lance, who just walked out of an unsuccessful marriage, didn’t want any of these and wanted to hold up the thing for some while. This became the reason for their tragic breakup. Lance later realized he wasn’t even happy with the divorce and new relationship so early. He regrets stretching the relationship so much and claims he should have confessed earlier.

Lance Armstrong girlfriend

Lance Armstrong

Who Is Lance Amstrong Girlfriend?

Lance is currently engaged to Anna Hansen currently. They met in 2008 and got engaged in 2017. The couple gave birth to two children, 10 years old max and 11 years old Olivia. The couple is not married yet but claims to get married soon. Lance was a famous cyclist until he was alleged to be taking performance-enhancing drugs and was banned from all sports. That’s where Lance had to put an end to his blooming career.

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