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La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained

Money Heist‘s latest season just dropped on Netflix today, September 3, and people are looking for La Casa de Papel season 5 ending explained. Look no further. We got it right here at Otakukart for you! This post contains spoilers from a recent show. Reader beware. Firstly another member of the gang dies. Secondly, the first five episodes of Money Heist’s final season were released on Netflix. And they were well worth the wait, pushing the Salvador Dali gang into an all-out battle.

As The Professor hurriedly scrambles to complete his Bank of Spain robbery, the midseason finale includes an epic stand-off between Spain’s armed forces and the thieves who have caused them so much difficulty. Indeed, the audacious heist takes a second seat to the action in this chapter, but rest assured that many members of the gang are still busily melting gold in the foundry, though it’s unclear how they intend to escape with it.

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained with Spoilers

Tokyo’s (Úrsula Corberó) unexpectedly and tragically demises. She was probably the major character in the Money Heist ensemble. Military man Sagasta and his team have pinned Tokyo, Denver, and Manila inside the Bank of Spain’s kitchen, reinforcing the entryway with a heavy-duty stove countertop turned on its side. The piece of metal provides them with cover from incoming fire as well as an excellent angle from which to shoot at their pursuers, putting Sagasta at an immediate disadvantage.

He chooses to create a second entry point into the kitchen via the pantry, which Ganda objects to since it would take too long and allow the thieves another opportunity to flee. Sagasta dismisses his worries, but Tokyo overhears the conversation and uses it to provoke Ganda into disobeying instructions by tossing a grenade into the kitchen. She tosses the bomb back out before it gets a chance to explode, hurting Sagasta’s team and destroying Ganda’s reputation.

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained

What happens to Rio?

Rio, Tokyo’s on-again, off-again love interest, who is stuck on a lower level of the building, is terrified by the sound of the explosion. He takes the team’s jackhammer and starts drilling through the ceiling, trying to save his colleagues by making a hole in the floor above. Sagasta follows through on his original plan. Digging holes in the pantry wall in order to place explosives that would allow them entry to the kitchen. Meanwhile, he directs snipers on the exterior of the building to zero in on the kitchen windows and waits for instructions to fire. Tokyo hears a noise coming from the pantry and goes to investigate with Denver. She is horrified to see the squad bursting through the wall and shoots two members of Sagasta’s squad in the legs to immobilize them.

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The Downfall

This, however, alerts the team to their position, and Sagasta directs the snipers to focus their fire on the pantry. Denver barely avoids being struck by a barrage of gunfire, while Tokyo takes multiple blows to the body. Her wounds are non-lethal due to her bulletproof vest shielding her critical organs. But they make it difficult for her to use her arms. That becomes an issue when Stockholm tells Denver that the only route out of the kitchen is via a catering elevator shaft, which would need carefully lowering themselves down wires for six whole stories. Tokyo just cannot accomplish it in her present condition, but she instructs Denver and Manila to continue without her and to cover the bottom of the shaft with soft things (e.g., pillows, etc.) since she will have to leap down.

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained

La Casa de Papel Season 5 Ending Explained

Tokyo’s Death

Rio shatters the floor with his jackhammer, producing a hole close to the side of Tokyo’s hiding spot. The two cry as they grasp hands through the space between levels, but it is much too tiny for Tokyo to escape through. The military team detonates its explosives in the pantry wall and rushes into the kitchen. Tokyo, hiding behind cover, shoots at them to gain time. But soon realizes she is severely outgunned and has nowhere to go. She bids her lover Rio goodbye. And informs The Professor over the radio that it’s time for her to be his guardian angel.

She is hit by several more bullets from the squad and collapses to the ground. When the crew goes to check on her, they discover that she has unpinned the four explosives strapped to her chest. They explode, killing Tokyo immediately and possibly taking the whole military unit with her. She informs Rio moments before her death that she is thinking about them dancing together at the safe house before the first robbery. This recalls a discussion she had with Nairobi in which she said that she thinks that after death.

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