La Casa De Papel Season 3 Spoilers, Release Date, Updates

La Casa De Papel is also known as Money Heist. It is the most watched non-English show on Netflix, and it has an ever growing fan base. The show had two seasons until now, and the most recent one was the second one, which came out in 2018. Both the seasons have a combined of 15 episodes, which really isn’t much if you want to catch up on the series. The show has already been renewed for a third season.

La Casa De Papel Season 3: How Many Episodes Will There Be?

The show was initially planned as a mini-series but, due to the high ratings, the show was renewed for another season. We don’t know how many episodes there are in season three yet. It seems that there might be another six or seven episodes.

Earlier Ted Sarandos said, “With over 100 European projects launching this year, we are committed to being a voice for European entertainment.” According to Netflix: “After the global success of Part one and two of the Spanish heist sensation, the Professor will develop new heists that will be unveiled in 2019.”

La Casa De Papel Season 3

The main lead of the series, El Professor, is played by Alvaro Morte. Recently, he opened up about his role in the series. He said, “(When I thought it was over) there was this feeling of grieving because of my connection with my character.”

“I think it’s something that happened to all of us. The connection to my character was like if you have a twin brother and you play at interchanging your personalities. It was that kind of connection and suddenly one day, goodbye, you’re not going to see him anymore for the rest of your life.”

“It was very sad. There was plenty of joy in the way we think we have done it the best that we could. We are happy with the result but it was like a sour-sweet feeling that now it’s finished and we are not going to be Tokyo and The Professor. I remember the call (to say we were getting a third series), I was on a train from Madrid to Barcelona and there was not a good signal. I could not scream out my happiness, I was so excited, we are so happy.”

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