Kyungbock High School has recently gotten into hot waters as its students have brutally mistreated the members of Aespa. Aespa has been taking over the world ever since they debuted. With bangers like Black Mamba, Next, Level and Savage, you could say that it is totally impossible for someone to dislike Aespa. Consisting of four members Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning, the members of Aespa have been grabbing hearts second by second. But the real question is who could possibly hate these girls? Recently, had achieved a great new feat, taking their popularity to the next level, Aespa performed on the main stage of Coachella this year and fans could not be prouder.

This made them the third K-pop act to perform at Coachella after Blackpink and 2NE1.  They are now grabbing locals’ attention with the powerhouse of vocals and of course their outstanding sense of fashion and visuals. After a little rest from the amazing achievement, they had acquired, Aespa went forward with their newest schedules. this schedule included performing at the Kyungbock high school. It is a ritual for SM Rookies like Girl’s Generation, NCT Dream, to perform there at once, so Aespa had to continue it.

However, they found themselves in a tight spot due to a lack of security and now fans are mad. Keep reading to find out everything about this incident.

How Aespa Was Mistreated By The Kyungbock Students?

The way Aespa was treated by the Kyungbock Hoghchool students was exceptionally wrong. Aespa, to continue SM Entertainment’s tradition, had gone along to perform at the school. But the girls found themselves too close to the students as the students were closing in on them. There was not even as much as an arm’s distance between the student crowd and the girls, thus leading Aespa not to have much privacy. Not only that,  but the students even broke security roles and met Aespa on stage taking photographs with them.

Aespa Kyungbock Highschool
Some students with Aespa on the stage

But that was not the end of their mistreatment by the students of the girl group. After the event, the students posted photos of them with the girls with quite inappropriate comments towards the female idols. Fans as soon as they found out about this incident were totally raged. People are calling out the students of Kyungbock High School students for their lack of etiquette and misbehavior toward such world-renowned artists. And the High School’s apology did not seem to be satisfied by the apology.

Kyungbock High School Issues Apology

After the situation arose,  a representative of Kyungbock High School issued an apology to Aespa. This statement was made by a teacher from the science department at the high school,  so clearly a student had not faked this apology statement.

The representative said that due to the conducting of in-school surveying inside the students, the higher authorities found out that some outsiders had also managed to come to the event without the security notice. They said that all those ruthless and awful comments about Aespa were not made by their students but by these outsiders. They once again apologized to SM Entertainment for the mistreatment their girl group Aespa had gone through on their grounds.

Aespa Kyungbock Highschool
The apology

By reading through the statement, you can already see why fans and netizens are really not buying the apology. And some screenshots of messages by the Kyungbock High School uploaded sometime after angered the netizens more. It was an emergency alert from the High School to its students saying that all the posts related to Aespa’s performance at the event that was posted on their student’s SNS accounts must be deleted immediately.

Fans see their apology as a way to hide the fact that their students in fact did not treat the female idols properly. Moreover, fans can not believe the audacity of these students to treat such famous female celebrities in such a horrid way. SM Entertainment is yet to make any statement regarding this matter. Fans of Aespa and even other K-pop fans hope that the company takes legal action against them.

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