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Kye Boon Ok Catches A Whiff Of Eun Young Ro in ‘Snowdrop’ Episode 3

Snowdrop Episode 3

Snowdrop Episode 3 will be airing soon, and fans cannot keep calm. This masterpiece of a kdrama did not waste a single moment and got right into the thicks of things. All of us were trying to catch our breath after watching the beautiful first interaction between Eun Young Ro and Im Soo Ho. Just when we all were getting ourselves ready for the amazingly sweet romance to bloom between the two, we see Eun Young Ro get blown off by Im Soo Ho in the very next scene. Besides the sparkling chemistry between the leads, the interaction and routines of the girls at Hosu Women University. The bond that Eun Young Ro shares with Eun Sol Hee, Go Hye Rung, and Jeong Min is unbreakable.

In a hilarious sequence, we see all of the girls literally at the dorm help Eun Young Ro climb her way into the dorm room before the house mother of the dorm finds out. Even when they find a bloodied Im Soo Ho, the girls stick together and try to get him to safety. All these thrilling moments combined with the unique cinematography of the drama take Snowdrop on another level. In this article, we will be telling you all that you need to know about Snowdrop Episode 3.

Snowdrop Episode 3 Release Date

The previous episode left us at a painful cliffhanger where the house mother of the dorm, Pi Seung Hee, barges into Im Soo Ho’s hiding spot. Fans are waiting with bated breaths to see if Im Soo Ho is able to dodge this danger in Snowdrop Episode 3. Luckily for us, Snowdrop Episode 3 will be released on 25 December 2021. The release date of this episode falls on Christmas Eve, and what better way to make your Christmas merrier than watching the thrill and romance unfold in Snowdrop. Each and every character of the show has many layers that will have you hooked.

Snowdrop Episode 3

Kang Chung Ya cr: JTBC

Fans are especially intrigued by Kang Cheong Ya’s character. We are all speculating that she has a bigger role than just being Nam Tae Il’s ”wicked little fox”. Like it’s Queen Yoo In Na (Goblin, Touch Your Heart) we are talking about here! She was also a part of one of the most nerve-wracking scenes that fans witnessed in the trailer. Is Kang Cheong Ya plotting something big? Find out in Snowdrop Episode 3.

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Where to Watch Snowdrop?

You can watch Snowdrop on the South Korean broadcasting network JTBC and Disney+ if you are among one of the lucky countries. Starting 18 December, Snowdrop airs at 11:30 pm according to Korean Standard Time on JTBC. For international viewers, the timings are 8:30 am in the United States, 1:00 pm in the United Kingdom, 8:30 am in Canada, 12:30 am in Australia, and 7:00 pm in India.  Furthermore, this romantic thriller kdrama will air every Saturday and Sunday of the week till 6 February. Snowdrop is Disney+’s first exclusive kdrama. Sadly though, Snowdrop is not available for Disney+ users all around the globe.


Soo Hoo cr: JTBC

You can enjoy this kdrama in high quality along with subtitles in various languages on Disney+ if you live in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Make sure to not miss out on Snowdrop Episode 3!

What to Expect From Snowdrop Episode 3?

So far, Eun Young Ro thinks Lim Soo Ho is a student protester who is hiding for his life. She has no clue that the person who she is hiding at the risk of her future or even life is actually a North Korean spy. Fans are very excited to look at how their relationship will change once Eun Young Ro finds out the truth. Additionally, fans are always on the tip of their toes because it seems like at any moment, Lim Soo Ho will be caught. In the midst of the open house chaos, will Lim Soo Ho be able to escape? Will Kye Boon Ok find out the truth? Snowdrop Episode 3 will answer all our questions, so make sure to tune in.

While waiting for the Snowdrop Episode 3 to release, get a load of all the amazing kdramas that Jung Hae In has blessed us with.

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