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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36: Preview and Recap

What To Expect From Kurlus Osman S02E36?
From Kurlus Osman S02E35 Featuring Osman Bey

Kurlus: Osman Season 2 Episode 36 could be full of confrontations and revelations from the recent events. Since its inception in 2019, Kurlus: Osman has built its show on the heights. It brought a record-breaking viewership to ATV right from its stepping episodes and has continued to do so in the second season. The show is currently a huge success for Turkey. Mehmet Bozdağ created it telling the story of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I. The show serves as a sequel to the Diriliş: Ertuğrul. It simply followed the story of Osman’s father f Ertuğrul. Now coming back to Kurlus: Osman Season 2 Episode 36, we have a Targun with a plan followed by Bala and Gonca. Plus Osman on a verge of victory.

Recently on Kurlus: Osman we witnessed Dundar and Savci thinking about their plans of becoming the King. Once Osman is out of the picture after battling Nikola, a clear picture of them becoming King can be seen. On the other hand, Targun is being celebrated as the next queen. But there is something about her that bugs several people in the circle. This leads Gonca to observe her as she escapes the place. Furthermore, Osman has went head to head with Yavlak Arslan, did he win and where does the path lead him next. Plus we saw Nikola confronting Geyhati. Did he manage to convince him for a hand? Let’s find out.

Recap For Kurlus Osman Season 2

Previously on Kurlus Osman, we opened up with Dundar Bey hoping to become the next king. He knows how the future will go like with Osman taking care of Nikola. Listening to this leaves Hazal impressed and she wishes Dundar to stay the same. At the same time, Savci Bey is worried about his brother’s next move. Savci tells Lena that his brother doesn’t realize the number of enemies increases. So he needs to be the next king after all. Lena states she agrees but even if Dundar surrenders, Hazal won’t anyway. Osman is the reason both of them are alive or else they would be at each other’s throats.

What Went Down In Kurlus Osman S02E35?

From Kurlus Osman S02E35 Featuring Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat as Targun Hatun

Osman on the other hand prays with his warriors. After the prayers are done, he fuels his warrior friends as they are about wage war tomorrow. He needs them to be at their best to which the soldiers agree. On the other side at a meeting, Hazal gifts Targun a cloth as she is about to be a King’s Queen. Even Lena brings in a gift for Targun. Next, we see is a confrontation between Hazal and Selcan when Selcan gives nothing but a piece of advice for Targun and a lamp.

Next, we see is another confrontation between Nikola and Geyhatu to deal with Osman. Nikola makes it clear with his motives to make the Turkish leave Anatolia and let the Mongol live. He brings more reasons why Osman would be a threat to Geyhatu. This leads Geyhatu to order his soldiers to capture Nikola. On the other hand, Osman is walking with his captured soldier who warns him but Osman lets him know that his lives are in hands of God. He will decide how he will die. On the other side, Targun faces the talks that she has to turn into a Muslim to be the wife of Osman.

Ending Of Kurlus Osman S02E35

From Kurlus Osman S02E35

Following the confrontations, Targun follows a man who signals her. Gonca observes this all and storms towards Selcan and Bala. This leads Selcan to ask Bala to follow them and Bala leaves with Gonca. Osman on the other hand receives information on Yavlak Arslan’s soldiers hiding away. Osman realizes the plan and trap of Yavlak Arslan and also has a counter plan of his own. On the other side, Yavlak Arslan receives an arrow signifying the arrival of Osman.

Yavlak Arslan waits for Osman to arrive and soon sees a group of soldiers coming dressed in black cloth. Without wasting time he orders to fire and surround them. Only to realize they are his soldiers. What follows is Kurlus Osman and his soldiers firing arrows on Yavlak Arslan and his men. On the other hand, Dunar has called a meeting with everyone asking for Osman’s whereabouts. The meeting sees a Gunduz in a confrontation with Savcii and Dundar as Gunduz states he doesn’t want to know about who will be King. Thus leaving the meeting.

Kurulus: Osman Season 2 Episode 36 Release Date and What To Expect?

Kurulus: Osman Season 2 Episode 36 will release on 16 June 2021 on ATV between 4 to 5 pm PDT. According to PDT, the episode will be available at different times in different countries with subtitles. At the moment, there is no official synopsis on the thirty-sixth episode of Kurlus: Osman Season 2. But looking at everything that went down previously on the show we might see Osman taking a step ahead in his victory against Nikola. Of course, capturing Yavlak Arslan was beneficial at the same time avenging and reminding him of his past deeds.

Apart from that, we might see to the heights Dundar and Savci will be looking to when it comes to becoming King. How many of the people from the empire will agree on this? Plus several people disagree much like how Gunduz did previously. What will be Nikola’s fate now that Geyhatu has captured him? What does Geyhatu plan to do with him? How this will benefit Osman? We will also see where Targun left and what her plans are exactly. Will Bala Hatun and Gonca keep up and find out something fishy that may lead to a confrontation with the future question. All in the upcoming Kurlus: Osman Season 2 Episode 36. Check out the official trailer of Kurulus: Osman Season 2 below.

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