This Is Why Kurama Is Stronger Than All Tailed Beasts Combined


Naruto was based entirely on the tailed beast powers. As it started by the sage of six paths using creation of all things to create tailed beasts. Then coming up with the Ninja creed, Ninshu, which is now mistaken for Ninjutsu. We have all seen that their strength is ranked probably by the number of tails they have. But Shukaku rejects this as just Kurama’s own thinking. Firstly, let us recap a little on which is the strongest amongst the tailed beasts

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Which is the strongest tailed beast?

We have all seen the tailed beasts in action. Especially during the previous great Shinobi war. You will remember that it even seems as that Kurama also possess the most Chakra amongst the beasts. I say this because he managed to share his Chakra with the entire Shinobi alliance and still had enough to fight alongside Naruto.

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Even a little portion of The Kyubi’s Chakra was enough to initiate the ten tails rebirth. As you remember, Obito had one tentacle from 8 Tails and for Nine tails it was the Chakra that Shinkaku and Ginkaku possessed but yet it was still enough.

When Naruto and Kurama reconciled for the first time. They worked together and defeated six full powered tailed beast. Kurama’s one tailed beast bomb was able to cancel out a bigger tailed beast ball formed by six tailed beasts. It was like when Madara’s single fire jutsu required a number of water user Shinobi to cancel it out.

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Similarly to Madara’s situation, on which he was the stronger one. Kurama is also the strongest of the tailed beasts. And statistically he is stronger that all 8 of them combined. I’m also asking my self the same question. Why is Kurama stronger than all 8 tailed beasts combined.

What Makes Kurama Stronger Than All tailed Beasts Combined?

Lets take this from a Shinobi perspective. As according to Hashirama’s definition of a Shinobi, Kurama is also a Shinobi. As he once said that Shinobi are those who endure for a purpose. And of course Kurama has endured for his own purposes.

So what makes him stronger is the same thing that makes each Shinobi Stronger. Practice and battle experience. Now let us count how many battles and stronger Shinobi that Kurama has fought. He has fought with the first hokage, he has fought with Madara, he has fought with Hashirama under Madara’s possession, he has fought with Minato and Hirunzen.

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He has also fought with six tailed beasts combined, he has fought with Obito, He has fought with ten tails. And finally he has fought with Sasuke and later on with Kinshiki and Momoshiki.

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Now tell me. What do you think Kurama has been gaining from all these battles. If you still don’t see how powerful Kurama is then think again. So through out these battles Kurama has been training his powers and getting stronger. Not to mention that he gained a lot of battle experience. and this is what makes him stronger than all 8 tailed beasts combined. Now why don’t you tell me what you think on the comments section?


It’s Not Naruto Who Is Dead, It Is Sasuke

Kawaki’s invasion on Konohagakure has been one of the most talked about topics in Narutoverse for the past year. The main reason behind this is because we are led to believe that Naruto Uzumaki might actually be dead.

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However, what Kawaki actually says is, “I’ll send you to the same place as the Seventh, Boruto”. He doesn’t say anything about killing Naruto. People have jumped the gun, and said Naruto is dead. But, what about Sasuke? He’s just as strong, and important as Naruto?

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the strongest characters in Boruto, and he’s the only person equal to Naruto, in terms of strength. Sasuke is also known as Konoha’s other Hokage, because he protects Konohagakure from the outside, while Naruto does it from within the Village.

Being one of the legends, and the strongest to ever exist, it would make sense for Sasuke to be around when problems like the Otsutsuki, or Kawaki arrive. During Momoshiki’s Invasion, Sasuke was there to help Naruto deal with them.

But, what’s extremely confusing is the fact that Sasuke is nowhere to be seen during the time Konoha is destroyed. It could be that Sasuke is elsewhere on a mission, or maybe he’s in another dimension, but I don’t think Sasuke would be absent at such an important time. I think it is likelier that Sasuke is dead, rather than Naruto being dead.

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When you look at Boruto, he has got Sasuke’s headband, he’s got Sasuke’s cape, and moreover, he even carries Sasuke’s sword. Further, the fact that Sasuke is nowhere to be seen at a time like this suggests something has happened to him.

While I don’t see any way someone could manage to kill Sasuke, I think we’re yet to see the power level of the Kara. Sasuke himself speculated that they’re a threat on par with the Otsutsuki Clan. But, who knows, maybe their powers surpass the Otsutsuki as well.

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