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Spoilers & Preview: Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 3 Preview And Spoilers
'Kung Fu' Season 1 Episode 3 is coming out soon and here's all you need to know about it.

‘Kung Fu’, the American martial arts action-adventure TV series is out with its first season now and will soon be airing its second episode. Developed by Christina M. Kim, the show premiered with its first episode on 7th April 2021 i.e. last Wednesday. It garnered 1.4 million viewers from its pilot episode itself and got good reviews in general. In fact, the show now has an average rating of 8.3/10 on, 6.5/10 on Metacritic, and approximately  89% of the Google users liked the show. However, it may be too soon to judge the show in its entirety. We may need to have a look at a few more episodes so we can decide whether the show does justice to its original version. Anyhow, let us find out everything about the show and its upcoming second episode further in the article.

‘Kung Fu’ is an American TV show developed by Christina M. Kim that airs on The CW. It is an adaptation of the 1970s series with the same name by Ed Spielman. The storyline is set in the present and revolves around a Chinese-American woman whose personal issues influence her to college and start a life-changing journey to an isolated monastery in China. It releases an episode every week on Wednesday. David Madden, Martin Gero, Sarah Schechter, Christina M. Kim, and Greg Berlanti are the executive producers whereas Karyn Smith-Forge, Jennifer Lence, and Ian Smith are its producers. Berlanti Productions, Quinn’s House, and Warner Bros. Television are the production companies behind the show with Warner Bros. Television Distribution acting as its sole distributor. Now, let us have a look at the recap of the previous episode.

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 Preview And Recap

A still from ‘Kung Fu’ Season 1 Episode 1 i.e. the premiere episode.

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 1 Recap:

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 1 that was aired a week ago was titled “Pilot”. In that episode, we were introduced to the protagonist Nicky who was being set up to meet a suitor. However, on realizing this, she leaves immediately and runs into Pei-Ling, who takes her to a local monastery. She starts to open up to the new surroundings and lands up staying there for 3 years to learn martial arts. Soon, a group of assassins attack the monastery and steal a sword. This sword can grant a person unyielding power. So, Nicky sets on a mission to chase Zhilan, who had mercilessly attacked Pei-Ling. As a result, it was an action-packed and really interesting episode. Anyways, let us have a look at the spoilers for the upcoming second episode of the series.

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 Spoilers:

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 is titled “Silence”. In this upcoming episode, we will continue exploring emotional dimensions in the Shen family. However, Nicky’s life is not going to be easy after living away from home for three years. Besides the brewing tensions between the family members, we will get to see Nicky appearing to Henry for help in her hunt for Zhilan. He got his hands onto one of the eight powerful swords which can carry unmatched potential when combined. Apart from all this, Nicky will find the mental clarity that she needed desperately. So, you can definitely say that the episode will be an emotional and intriguing one. TV Promos has even released a trailer for the second episode of ‘Kung Fu’ on their official YouTube channel. It has already crossed 31k views and you can click to watch it below.

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 Release Date:

Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 2 is going to release on 14th April 2021 i.e. on Wednesday at 8 PM ET. You can tune in to The CW channel to watch the episode at the time of the broadcast mentioned above. Moreover, the episode will be available for streaming just a day after its broadcast on the official website of The CW and its app. Alternatively, you can rent or buy the episodes from Video on Demand services like iTunes, Vudu, and Apple TV. So, gear yourselves up as martial arts action-adventure drama returns this week with another action-packed episode. Until then, let us know your thoughts about how much do you like the show compared to its 1970s version.

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