Kronos Confirmed To Be In “The Eternals”?

Now, that the Avengers Endgame has made a statement a of an end of an era. It is hard to believe that Marvel is going to halt their money making movie machines. Even though Marvel is yet to confirm it officially, it is almost certain that The Eternals series of movies will succeed The Avengers story. Iron Man is dead, Captain America retired and what not, so we need some new heroes and also some new villains in the upcoming series of movies, The Eternals.

While discussing the same the legendary writer of Marvel comics Jim Starlin has stated that Kronos will most likely be a part of The Eternals. So, who is Kronos? Well, after an experiment goes wrong Kronos becomes a cosmic entity, that is he loses his physical form and also gains cosmic powers as well.

He mostly manifests himself as a transparent human when he needs to. Also, he is a part of The Eternals of Earth as he becomes immortal after gaining his powers. Starlin also stated that Marvel might be bringing back Thanos in The Eternals as he has been such a humongous success from them as they have made millions of dollars from him. He also added that Starfox might also be added to the superhero roaster of The Eternals movie.

Since Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame are already out. Just one Marvel movie, that is Spider-Man: Far From Home is yet to be released. It is possible that after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home which is going to be on 02 June 2019, it might be the time for Marvel Cinematic Universe to finally reveal their next project, that is The Eternals.

the eternals

These Eternals as the name suggests are immortal beings which will defend the Earth from other immortal beings which want to cause harm to the Earth.

These evil beings are known as Deviants. There is a huge roster of heroes that Marvel Cinematic Universe can choose to bring into The Eternals. Marvel will certainly be looking to make the Eternals so awesome that Avengers movies look dull in comparison.

Even though that seems to be a hard target to hit but that is exactly what they must do if they want this new series of movies to be as successful or even more successful than the Avengers. Do mention in the comments section down below who are the characters that you all want the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring in for the project of The Eternals?

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