Kotaro Lives Alone Ending Explained: A Heartwarming Message Left Behind

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Kotaro Lives Alone ending explained
Kotaro Lives Alone: Ending Explained

Comedy anime, Kotaro Lives Alone was finally released on 10 March 2022. The anime was widely anticipated, especially after the successful launch of its live-action television drama. After the ten-episode original net animation by LIDEN Films was released, there has been a buzz of discussion around the anime. The Kotaro Lives Alone ending was satisfying and rewarding with a rich amount of wholesomeness. However, there were still things that left some questions unanswered. But that’s the beauty of drama in Kotaro Lives Alone– it makes one think and want to explore it more. As the curtain falls in the anime, it leaves behind deep messages for everyone to read between the lines.

Anime like Kotaro Lives Alone do not always say things loud and clear. Sometimes they let the imagination up to its viewers. At several points, the anime makes subtle indications instead of making loud claims. Instead of being frustrating, this is quite enjoyable as we look back into the small details and add the dots. This is a major reason why Kotaro Lives Alone is considered to have a seinen demographic rather than a Shounen or Kodomo demographic despite having a very young protagonist. The deep messages about the reality of adult life and the grave concept of child abuse are everything that the manga stands for.

Kotaro Lives Alone ending leaves a deep impact which is so much worth the discussion.

Kotaro Lives Alone Ending Explained

The synopsis of Kotaro Lives Alone feels like comic relief. A little boy living alone could bring so much chaos. Although of course there is heartfelt comedy in the series, it is not exactly what one would expect. One by one, the series explores its characters first and portrays actual issues through them. First, we have an unmotivated mangaka. Next to Kotaro lives a young and beautiful woman who is bound in a toxic relationship with her no-good boyfriend. On the ground floor lives a man who is divorced and misses his son. In the ending of Kotaro Lives Alone all the characters find their peace of mind by finally facing all their issues.

Kotaro Lives Alone ending
Kotaro with Karino: Kotaro Lives Alone

As for Kotaro, he overcomes his trauma little by little and starts understanding the true meaning of being strong. Towards the end of Kotaro Lives alone, Kotaro meets with Karino’s ex-girlfriend, Akane Nitta. She is quite suspicious in the beginning as she tries to create a wall between Kotaro and Karino. Her behaviour is questionable but it is later revealed that she only had good intentions. Akane, who had not met Kotaro or seen his bond with Karino before, felt that he was a distraction for Karino. In her attempt to protect Karino, she tries to drive them apart. Later, when she realises that Kotaro only brought out the best in Karino, she backs off from her ways.

Visiting the Grave of Kotaro’s grandparents

After the incident, Kotaro and Karino go to visit the gravestones of Kotaro’s grandparents from his mother’s side. As they converse, Kotaro tells him that he had never met his grandparents as they had died before he was born. However, he keeps visiting the grave in hopes of meeting his mother again. As they clean the grave, Karino notices another grave next to it with Kotaro’s mother’s name engraved on it. Knowing that Kotaro did not know about his mother’s death, Karino decides to stand in front of it to hide it. Kotaro, of course, does not find out. Unable to tell him the truth, Karino ends up lying to Kotaro when he asks him if Kotaro will ever meet his mother again. He sadly lies and says yes.

After paying respect to the dead, the two return and reunite with the others. Kotaro also expresses his desire to live with them forever in a big house.

Karino taking care of Kotaro
Karino taking care of Kotaro

Kotaro Lives Alone: An Anime With a Deep Meaning

The Kotaro Lives Alone ending explained that happy endings do not always imply that all problems are over and that having problems in life does not always mean it’s a sad ending. In the end, none of the characters has a grand ending. Karino does not become a successful mangaka but he does find his motivation to continue trying. Mizuki’s abusive boyfriend does not get jailed but she does find the confidence to break herself free from the toxicity. Tamaru’s wife does not let him have Yuuta nor does she unite with him but he does get over his insecurity and makes a place in Kotaro’s life. Sumire does not start loving kids but she starts to find somewhere to start from. Kotaro does not meet his parents and complete his family. Instead, he finds several other people to treasure in his life.

Kotaro Lives Alone
Kotaro in the cover of Kotaro Lives Alone (ONA, 2022)

Despite not having a grand ending, Kotaro Lives Alone gives people a reason to smile. While looking for his mother and father, he ends up finding a family among strangers and that’s just a beautiful way to wrap things up.

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