Kon – The Crazy Pervert Lion

Kon is a modified soul that went during Project Spearhead. His name is short for Kazio Konpaku. He is actually a pill with 3 cm diameter. Ichigo put him in a stuffed animal so he can’t cause trouble. Ichigo used him multiple times to get his body separated from the soul.


Kon was last of the mod souls created in soul society to put in dead bodies in order to fight hollows. This project was later scrapped as being inhumane and the pills were destroyed. Kon ended up in Urahara shop in a soul candy dispenser.

As I trembled in fear I would think… life isn’t something that should be taken from others. I was born like this! I should at least have the right to live and die freely! Whether it’s humans or insects… or even us… it’s the same. That’s why I won’t… kill anything

His Stuffed animal is a fake version of Ponkichi, the main character of TV series, Carnivore Kingdom. A girl threw it away because she wanted the more expensive, official version. Ichigo found it lying in the street and put Kon in it.

Birthday: December 30

Appearance and Personality:

When he is in pill form, the pill weighs only 5g and can be put in any medium. Right now, he is in the stuffed animal that weighs 182g and has a height of 27cm. The stuffed animal is later modified by soul society and he gains a muscular form. He also has a communication system in him that Urahara used.

Kon is very perverted and is often preoccupied with s_x. He also likes caramel. Kon can be cocky but has strong views on the sanctity of life.


Kon is expert in hand to hand combat and has enhanced strength when he is in Ichigo’s body. He jumped 13 meters and 56 cm from standing position. He can also cover 100 meters in just 3.8 seconds.

Kon was only seen serious when he first invaded Ichigo’s body. After he was put in his stuffed animal, he has been used for comic purposes. He is also really fond of Rukia and gets excited to see her.

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  1. I like this. I really like Kon and was worried when he wasn’t in the last arc of the anime. I will catch up with what happened to him when I start reading the manga. Nice review! I’m a big fan of Kon!

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