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Komi Can’t Communicate: Everything To Know

Shouko Komi and Hitohito Tadano.
komi Can't Communicate

Fans of the Slice-of-life genre were screaming when Komi Can’t Communicate manga’s anime adaptation was announced. The manga has been written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. It came out in 2016 and has been running since, having covered 21 volumes to date. After Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagataro was released, fans started wondering when their next favorite, Komi Can’t Communicate will be released. It is with immense pleasure that we report that Komi Can’t Communicate release date has been announced. The manga is flourishing with a sale of 5 million copies even before the anime has been released. It was surprising that it even took so long for this amazing manga to get an anime adaptation.

Why is this series a must-watch? For starters, Komi Can’t Communicate has an abundance of wholesome and cute moments. At the same time, the series is funny and will interest anyone with an affinity towards such genres. On a deeper level, the series addresses important issues relating to social disorders and the pain of going through them. It displays the slow and steady yet satisfactory way of resolving such problems. After the announcement of the Komi Can’t Communicate release date, a trailer was also released.

Here is every detail you need to know about the long-awaited anime adaptation, Komi Can’t Communicate.

Komi Can’t Communicate Synopsis

Shouko Komi is a new student at the elite school, Itan Private High. Right after her admission, she makes a remarkable impression for her gracious beauty. Instantly, she becomes popular in the school and soon gains the title of a Madonna. She sits next to Hitohito Tadano in class. He is average and becomes a target of hate after she sits next to him.

Komi Can't Communicate Release Date

Komi Shouko from Komi Can’t Communicate.

However, Komi suffers from social anxiety that inhibits her from talking to anyone. Her disorder is misjudged, and the entire school sees her as the type who is reserved and cold. However, after Hitohito hears Komi say “meow”, he is convinced that Komi cannot communicate even if she desires. This has caused her to never make friends in her life even if she wishes to have a hundred friends.

The story develops as Hitohito decides to help Komi overcome her disorder. He works hard to help her complete her wish of having a hundred friends through a series of fluffy and funny moments.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Release Date

The series will be animated under OLM studio. This same studio also animated the Pokemon series.

On 11 May 2021, an official announcement was made stating the release of the anime. It is set to release in October 2021. A specific date has yet to be announced as of yet.

Aoi Koga has been cast for the voice of Shouko Komi. Hitohito will be voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara. Another character, Najimi Osana will carry the voice of Rie Murakawa. Osana is Hitohito’s childhood friend.

The anime will be available for streaming on Funimation. Other licensors of the series are yet to be announced.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Trailer

On May 11, 2021, along with the Komi Can’t Communicate release date, its trailer was also released.

The trailer shows off the brilliant character designs of the anime. Komi’s elegant features have been skillfully painted out. She could make a sensational uproar among the anime fandom if the series goes well. Additionally, there are minute details of the surroundings that give out nothing but positive vibes for the anime.

Shouko and Hitohito talk by writing on the blackboard. Thinking back about the manga, the trailer brings ahead blissful memories. There are minute glances of the third major character, Najimi Osana as well. Witnessing how the creators continue with the animation is going to be worth the shot.

October sure sounds like a long wait. However, for those who cannot wait they can always flip through the pages of the manga. Additional details are still left to be updated. We can expect more promotional videos and trailers ahead to get more insight into the series. A purely simple yet beautiful story, let’s hope the anime adaptation can scan through the manga well.

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