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Koi to Yobu Episode 1 Preview and Recap

Koi to Yobu

Koi to Yobu is based on a romantic comedy between a highly influential employee and Otaku high school student. Amakusa Ryou is a businessman who loves women. But he ends up falling in love with a high school student. When he tried to propose to her, she gave him a fitting reply. Let’s find out about the girl who Ryou has fallen in love with below.

One day, Ichika was walking, and she met with a stranger who was about to fall, and she saves him. The man grabs on her umbrella to balance himself. He thanks Ichika for saving him. Ichika finds that the man has not eaten anything, and he is weak due to anemia. She took her lunch box and gave it to him. Ichika leaves the man, and she heads to a friend’s apartment. Suddenly her friend’s brother arrives and she finds that it is that man that she just saved.

Koi to Yobu Summary

The mysterious man is revealed to be Amakusa Ryou. Ryo notices that his sister Amakusa Rio has gone to use a cellphone. He talks with Ichika. He told her that he wants to thanks her, but buying her fancy stuff is too cheap, and it is good to give her a thank-you kiss. Ichika is annoyed after hearing Ryou, and she scolded him. But Ryou was impressed since he has never met such a girl. All the time, he met with the one that always falls for his tricks. After that day, Ichika keeps on getting a present.

After a week, Ichika talks with Rio about her brother and asks why she has given him her address. She reveals that her mother questions her about a man sending her gifts and roses. Rio reveals that she was tired of being the bridge between the two, and she asks Ichika to date Ryou. Rio praises and complements her brother revealing that he is handsome, has a good job and money. But Rio accidentally reveals that her brother is a womanizer and a scum.

Koi to Yobu

Koi to Yobu

Little Bird

Ichika didn’t hear the last part correctly about the evil part of Ryou. Rio advices to Ichika to talk with Ryou about gifts that he is sending, or he will keep on sending them. In the evening, Ryou receives a phone call from Ichika, and he realizes that it is her after hearing her voice. Ichika told him to stop sending things, and Ryou told her that he could not stop his feelings and keep on expressing his love. Ryou told him that he doesn’t care where she scold him or insult him.

Ichika yells at him not to send flowers, and she hangs up. The next day Ichiks receives a bouquet, and her mom saw that. Ichika’s mom saw a message written on the flowers with Icjhika’s name and said that Ryou is a poet. Later Ichika gets an invitation from Rio. Masuda hangout with Ryou at the bar and talked about Paris. He reveals that whenever he said he worked in Paris, he becomes popular during mixers. The two enjoy hangi together and talks about different stuff.

Madusa reveals that he was told by a little bird that Ryou is in love with a student. Ryou reacts, and Madusa notices that it is true that Ryou is hitting on a student. Ryou reveals the truth and how the student saved his life and offered her a lunch box. Madusa teases Ryou that after being saved, the girl told him that she would offer her body.

Forward World

Koi to Yobu

Koi to Yobu

Ryou explains how the girl is, and Madusa realizes that Ryou thinks the girl is better than the one he picked up. Madusa told Ryou that they could call the girl, but Ryou refuses. When he said he would complement him, Ryou agrees. Masuda call Ichika, and she didn’t pick up, and Ryou said she would pick up on the tenth time. After the tenth time, Ichika picks up and scolds them for calling her at 1 AM. The next day in the morning, Kai heard other boys talking about who is the most beautiful girl in the class.

Kai didn’t join the conversation, but he just got hit by a ball. He saw Ichika and realizes that the ball is coming from her. Ichika came and apologized, but the boys laugh. After school, Ichika saw Kai reading Forward World. Ichika said she loves that series, and she can’t wait for the upcoming anime. Kai reveals that he says Ichika hugging Ryou and ask if she is going out with him. Ichika hid the truth and said she was hanging with him. Kai advises her to stay away from him since he is just toying with her.

Koi to Yobu Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

Koi to Yobu Episode 1 will be released on Monday, 29 March 2021, at 9:45 PM JST. You can watch Koi to Yobu online on Crunchyroll. Let’s find out what the official trailer has to offer below.

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