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‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10 Release Date: BTOB Returns To The ‘Knowing Bros’ Show After Five Years

'Knowing Bros' Season 7
'Knowing Bros' Season 7

The ‘Knowing Bros’ cast makes our Tuesdays effortlessly enjoyable. Every episode has a unique conversation and game that no one will want to miss. In ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10, we will see the national short-track skaters Kwak Yoon-gy, Kim A-lang, and Lee Yu-bin match the energy of the MOAM students.

However, one episode we cannot get enough of is when the BTOB boy group returned to the ‘Knowing Bros’ show after five years. Every member showed their unique talent and turned the class into a party place with their songs. The funny games are a cherry on top.

What Happened In ‘Knowing Bros Season 7 Episode 9?

‘Knowing Bros’ has always succeeded in making us laugh and the MOAM students have been on point with every guest. However, this time it will be different as we have found a match for MOAM school. The BTOB group appears on the ‘Knowing Bros’ season 7 episode 9. BTOB is a famous Korean boy band that was formed by cube entertainment in 2012. Originally, the group had seven members, but currently, the band consists of six members. Lee Min-hyuk, Peniel Shin, Yook Sung-Jae, Lee Chang-sub, and Im Hyun-sik have come back to the ‘Knowing Bros’ show after five years. However, Kwang Eun is not able to come as the actor sadly tested positive.

The first act of BTOB after being away for five years is to sing a song for Do hong. The name of the song is ‘Missing You.’ After the performance, members of BTOB take the podium and introduce themselves properly. The first one to go is BTOB’s refreshing cutie, Min Hyuk. As for Chang Sub, he is the innocent one who is always happy. The third member to introduce himself is Seong Jae. The singer introduces himself as the cutest member of the group. Do you agree with him?

'Knowing Bros BTOB

‘Knowing Bros BTOB

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‘Run With Me’ By Sunwoo Jung

After some fun games, one of the MOAM students mentioned what great of an artist Hyun Sik’s father was. In his memory, everyone asks him to perform a song. However, he says that instead of performing a song by his father, he will perform a song that kept him inspired during his service. The singer plays the song ‘Run With Me’ by Sunwoo Jung. We can only hope that the ‘Knowing Bros’ season 7 episode 10 gets as good as this. After enjoying the ballad song the ‘Knowing Bros’ episode carries on as planned and ends on a fun and happy note.

‘Knowing Bros’ Upcoming Episode Preview

After trying for a while the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast has introduced a perfect game for their guests. The first game is to identify the meaning of the words. Moreover, the funniest moment is when one of the BTOB members says that the meaning of ‘Melancholia’ is lying dead bodies. The second game that the cast and the guests play is guessing the word. Before witnessing this game in the ‘Knowing Bros’ ep, we never knew that saying misinterpreted words could be this funny. After this fun episode, everyone is looking forward to seeing Kwak Yoon-gy, Kim A-lang, and Lee Yu-bin.


What Is ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10 Release Date?

‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10 release date is 24th May 2022. The national team short-track speed tracker Kwak Yoon-gy, Kim A-lang, and Lee Yu-bin are ready to have a fun time with the MOAM school students. Along with the national champions, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast will also try to showcase their athletic ability and impress everyone. However, this is not all. In ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10, we will get to see Lee Yu-Bin flaunt her dancing skill. Furthermore, everyone suspects that something is going on between Kim A-Lang and Kwak Yoon-gy.

Watch ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Knowing Bros’ is a television series broadcast by the jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Knowing Bros’ on the official network, and international fans can watch the ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 7 Episode 10 on the international-streaming website Netflix. 

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