‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 39 Will Embark A Milestone With Four New Guests

Knowing Bros I Otakukart
Knowing Bros I Otakukart

The ‘Knowing Bros’ variety show is one of the longest-running variety shows in South Korea. Recently, the variety show became so popular that many subscription websites started including it on their platform. What makes ‘Knowing Bros’ so famous is the cast’s humor and informal conversations with the guests. In the ‘Knowing Bros’ season 6 episode 39, we will see the cast celebrate a milestone. In the previous episode, the angelic actress Lim Yoon-ah and the shy but sweet Park Jeong Min were invited to the show.

Lim Yoon-ah is a South Korean singer and actress who is best known for her roles in ‘Exit’, ‘Confidential Assignment’, and ‘God of War, Zhao Yun’. Whereas, Park Jeong Min is a South Korean actor and writer who is on the show to promote his film ‘Miracle’. The previous episode of ‘Knowing Bros’ is noteworthy as many unusual acts were performed and the actors have a lot of laughs along with the cast. Keep reading to know what happened in the previous episode.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

In the previous episode, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast invited the actress Lim Yoon-ah and the shy romantic hero Park Jeong Min. The episode starts with a disaster and the members hide under the desks to avoid the falling rocks. Later, everyone is relieved as we find out that the earthquake is a part of the drill. Moreover, the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast educates the audience on the dos and don’ts of when facing a disaster.

The actress Lim Yoon-ah is the sunshine that cheers everyone in the room. Also, there is a signature song Yoon-ah dances on and the name of the song is ‘Paulownia Leaf’. Even this time as she is visiting with Jeong Min she does not miss the chance to dance to the songs while handing in their transfer application. This time the actors have visited to promote the movie ‘Miracle’. The plot of the movie is about a boy who lives in a mountain village. The people of the village struggle immensely as there are no roads or railway stations. Jeong Min’s character works hard to build a way station for his village. The story of the ‘Miracle’ takes place in Bonghwa, North Gyeongsang Province.

Knowing Bros- Yoon-a dancing
Knowing Bros- Yoon-a dancing

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The Master of Annoyance

The cast members talk about a video in which Yoon-ah seems to be annoyed. The actress was live streaming eating food but her sister knocked off the phone by mistake. Yoon-ah’s annoyance was so evident that her video landed her a role in a movie. There is one more member who cannot be beaten at annoyance and it is Jang Hoon. Finally, Jang Hoon and Jeong Min compete to find out who is the master of annoyance. Neither of the actors backed down and everyone enjoyed them pretending to be annoyed.

The Phone Screen Protector

After Jeong Min, it is Yoon-ah’s turn to showcase her talent. Unlike everyone, the actress has a unique talent. Like D.O, Yoon-a will also put a screen protector on a phone for her act. Luckily, Soo Geun has his phone with him. Despite the confidence, it is Yoon-ah’s first time putting on a screen cover. As the actress tries to make good on her claim Soo Geun looks at her with wistful eyes. But in the end, the phone ends up with a lot of air bubbles.

Knowing Bros- Netflix
Knowing Bros- Netflix

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

After the ‘Miracle’ cast, we are expecting to see Lee Chan Won, Young Tak, Dong Hae, and Eunhyuk in the ‘Knowing Bros’ season 6 episode 39. The episode will be filled with a lot of fun and surprises. Also, the guests will not come empty-handed to the set of ‘Knowing Bros’. Make sure you catch the episode to not miss out on any music or dance fun.

‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 39 Release Date

The ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 39 release date is 21st December 2021. The ‘Knowing Bros’ plans to celebrate a milestone in the show. The upcoming episode is expected to have the highest viewers rating as the famous idols Lee Chan Won, Young Tak, Dong Hae, and Eunhyuk brings a surprise gift for the ‘Knowing Bros’ cast.

Where To Watch ‘Knowing Bros’ Season 6 Episode 39?

The ‘Knowing Bros’ is a television variety show that has been airing since 2015. The people living in South Korea can watch the latest episodes of ‘Knowing Bros’ on the jTBC network channel. As for international fans they can watch the upcoming episodes of ‘Knowing Bros’ every Tuesday on the international streaming platform Netflix.

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