‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 5 Release Date: Another Love Rival Appears

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Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 is releasing soon to introduce a new character! The latest episodes have highlighted more about Cha Min Hoo’s extraordinary ability. Like Hong Ye Sool, Cha Min Hoo’s fives senses sharpen whenever he kisses someone or vice versa. Eventually, it affects his health. Therefore, we see a scene where Oh Ji Young revealed that he fell sick when she kissed him. It must be something related to the incident that happened years ago. After all, Kiss Sixth Sense’s opening OST already hinted at the possibility of Cha Min Hoo and Hong Ye Sool crossing paths when they were young.

Besides their past connection, the present’s also leading toward that fateful night. The latest episodes show how Hong Ye Sool shares her secret with her boss, who eventually believes her. Furthermore, Ye Sool’s ex-boyfriend Lee Pil Yo’s entry has turned the story in a new direction. But it seems Hong Ye Sool is not the only one with a love interest. Ep 4’s ending directs that we soon may meet another love rival. Therefore, Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 will reveal more about Cha Min Hoo’s past love history!

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Recap Of Ep 4 – Cha Min Hoo Asks Hong Ye Sool To Sleep With Him

Episode 4 of Kiss Sixth Sense was a rollercoaster ride. Whereas the beginning shows Cha Min Hoo and Hong Ye Sool trying to navigate their lives with some adorable scenes, the ending leads to another puzzle with the entry of a new love rival. The episode reveals how Hong Ye Sool shares her secret of seeing the future with Cha Min Hoo. Like any sane person, he doesn’t believe her. Besides their upcoming problems, the two get caught red-handed by Lee Pil Ho and Cha Min Hoo’s doctor friend Oh Seung Taek in the hotel.

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5
Lee Pil Yo and Hong Ye Sool Cr: Disney+

However, Lee Pil Yo doesn’t let that shake him from pursuing his love. He passive-aggressively takes steps to win Hong Ye Sool. Since Director Lee Pil Yo will be directing the planning team 1’s upcoming Mopix project, he asks Cha Min Hoo to make Hong Ye Sool his personal manager so he can guide the project smoothly. Despite knowing their past relationship, Cha Min Hoo agrees to his condition.

Meanwhile, Hong Ye Sool kisses Cha Min Hoo’s hands to prove her ability. She tells him about the visions she sees that eventually happen. For instance, doctor Oh’s getting a nosebleed, Cha Min Hoo’s mobile screen cracking, etc. Therefore, by the end of the episode, Cha Min Hoo asks her to sleep with him knowing they eventually will in the future. However, before she can reply, a woman encounters them. Thus, Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 will reveal this mysterious woman and her connection with Cha Min Ho and Hong Ye Sool!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5
Cha Min Hoo Cr: Disney+

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What To Expect in Ep 5?

The upcoming Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 will reveal the woman who came to meet Cha Min Hoo in their office. Although her identity is not disclosed yet, many suspect that she may be Cha Min Hoo’s past love. Therefore, her appearance will change Hong Ye Sool’s decision. After all, she has not accepted Cha Min Hoo’s sleeping suggestion.

But seeing someone might change their future, there is a possibility Hong Ye Sool will give Lee Pil Yo another chance. Since the original web novel is not completed, it is hard to predict where this fantasy tale will head. Therefore, fans should get ready for the upcoming rollercoaster ride in Episode 5 of Kiss Sixth Sense!

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5
Ep 4 Ending Scene Cr: Disney+

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 5 will be released on 8 June 2022 at midnight on Disney+. With love rivals coming from all ways, where will Cha Min Hoo and Hong Ye Sool’s love story head? Are they really meant to split even before their story starts? To find out, watch new episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense every Wednesday.

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Ep 5 Online- Streaming Details

The drama Kiss Sixth Sense is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar with English Subtitles. Therefore, domestic as well as international fans can watch it there. Ep 5 will be out on the same day at 1 am in Australia. As for the other nations, Ep 5 will release on 7 June 2022 at 4 pm in the UK, 11 am in the USA, and 8:30 pm in India.

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