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‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Episode 3 Release Date: Will Cha Min Hoo And Hong Ye Sool Kiss Again?

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3
Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 will be released soon! Finally, the most waited webtoon adoption drama Kiss Sixth Sense has made it on the screen! Furthermore, fans were surprised with the first two episodes released on the premiere day. Although it was unexpected, the surprise was pretty pleasant. After all, we have seen the wonderful chemistry between Yoon Kye Sang and Seo Ji Hye. So there is no doubt that the upcoming episodes will be full of comedy, romance, and their adorable hot-cold on-screen chemistry! 

The latest episodes have already hinted at the main plotline. Not to forget, the opening OST of Kiss Sixth Sense has given us many spoilers if you watch it clearly. Not to spoil the things, but it is crystal clear that our male lead Cha Min Hoo seems to have feelings for Hong Ye Sool. However, our little fire Hong Ye Sool sees nothing but a cold-hearted evil boss in Cha Min Hoo. Therefore, it will be another heart-thumping ride in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3, where Hong Ye Sool will try to kiss Cha Min Hoo again! 

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Recap Of Ep 2 – Cha Min Hoo Has A Secret

Episode 2 of Kiss Sixth Sense shows how accidentally Hong Ye Sool end up kissing Cha Min Hoo and sees their steamy love night. Considering her tragic love history, it shocks her that she will end up in the same bed with her evil boss. Furthermore, the episode hints at Cha Min Hoo’s extraordinary ability. It is not entirely disclosed, but Cha Min Hoo’s sense heightens whenever someone kisses him. Not to forget, his open yet secret crush on Hong Ye Sool makes things more complicated. 

Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama Episode 3

Ep 2 Cha Min Hoo and Hong Ye Sool Cr: Disney+

However, Cha Min Hoo certainly cares about Hong Ye Sool; that’s too from the beginning of their time. He has his own ways to show his love which some people seem to have caught up. He even encourages her to continue being a PM and carry her responsibility for the upcoming pop-up store. However, Hong Ye Sool is tangled in the mess of future vision and still doesn’t know whether the vision is true or not. After all, there is no scar on Cha Min Hoo’s back like the one he had in the vision. 

Future Vision Turning True

On the day of opening the pop-up store, things turn drastically as an accident happens. It leads to Cha Min Hoo getting hurt while saving Hong Ye Sool. Later she discovers Cha Min Hoo gets the same scar she saw in the vision, making her lose all senses. On autopilot mode, Hong Ye Sool takes him home. However, his home makes the vision clearer, so she decides to ease her fear. And for that, she needs to kiss him. Therefore, it will be interesting to know whether or not Cha Min Hoo let her kiss him despite knowing the aftereffect of a kiss. Or will he question her action in Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3? 

Kiss Sixth Sense kdrama Episode 3

Ep 2 ending scene Cr: Disney+

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What To Expect In Ep 3?

The upcoming Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 will show how Hong Ye Sool tries to kiss his evil boss to clear her suspicion about the future vision. She will try to kiss him, but Cha Min Hoo will not make it easy for her. Therefore, there is a possibility of a second kiss in the next episode, which will clear Hong Ye Sool’s doubt. Then there will be the 30th corporate anniversary party which will speed up the plot. However, the love will not bloom when Oh Ji Young keeps an eye on Cha Min Hoo. With a love rival, an uncertain future, and Cha Min Hoo’s cold behavior, Hong Ye Sool’s life will turn into a mess of confusion. So will she find a way out of this chaos? Or is it the beginning of her love story? 

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 Release Date

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3 will be released on 1 June 2022 at midnight on Disney+. After seeing the future vision, Hong Ye Sool is in denial and wants to re-check the vision. However, Cha Min Hoo, being the other party, seems to make the mission impossible. Therefore, to know how will Hong Ye Sool clear her doubts, watch every two new episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense every Wednesday. 

Kiss Sixth Sense Episode 3

Hong Ye Sool Cr: Disney+

Watch Kiss Sixth Sense Korean Drama Ep 3 Online – Streaming Details

South Korean viewers and international viewers can watch Kiss Sixth Sense on Disney+ Hotstar with English Subtitles since it’s a Disney+ original series. The episode will be out in Australia at 1 am on the same day. As for the other nations, Ep 3 will release on 31 May 2022 at 11 am in the USA, 4 pm in the UK, and 8:30 pm in India.

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