KinnPorsche Episode 5 Release Date: Will Kinn And Porsche End Up Together?

Kinnporsche Episode 5 Release Date
Kinnporsche Episode 5 Release Date

Must be waiting for KinnPorsche Episode 5. KinnPorsche is a Thai Drama Series that shows the romantic relationship between two boys. The series shows how a son of a Mafia head gets interested in a fun-loving middle-class boy who was a bartender. This bartender was very good-looking and was also a good fighter because of which the rich ladies in the bar used to pay high just to meet and taste the drinks that the boy used to make. Furthermore, the story has action in many scenes as we know mafias are never safe in any region. So, the mafia family was always under the strict protection of highly qualified bodyguards.

Not only actions, but the series also has several romantic scenes that can easily turn the viewers on. Also, it is shown that gay relationships are no more an issue. Moreover, more characters are trying to try on Porsche. The series is worth watching and none of the scenes are boring. Additionally, the story is very engaging and four episodes of the Thai Drama Series are already released now it’s time for KinnPorsche episode 5 to release. So, what is KinnPorsche Episode 5 release date? or How long will the viewers have to wait?

What Happened In KinnPorsche Episode 4?

In Episode 4, we see, Porsche and Pete, sleeping in a bed and they were about to kiss each other but soon Pete woke up and fell from the bed. Both of them were shocked to realize what they were about to do. In the next scene, Porsche was trying to light his cigarette but then Vegas arrived and he helped Porsche. Both of them talked a bit but then Kinn saw them and felt jealous. He called Porsche in private and tried to discuss the kiss which they did last night after drinking herbal shots. Porsche said he was not able to recall anything. Just then they heard that Tankhun was missing. Everyone started finding the young man but lastly, Porsche found him. Tankhun said he wants a spa and in the next scene Porsche, Tankhun, and other bodyguards were in the spa that was in the house already.

Porsche used his brain and arranged a spa for the fellow guards as well. Soon, Porsche was again with Kinn alone. It was so clear that Kinn was showing interest in Porsche. After this, everyone was in a restaurant enjoying the meal. Just then Vegas also joins but when Tankhun entered, he made an issue after seeing Vegas sitting on his chair. In the next scene, Kinn’s former head bodyguard met Porsche and gave his bag, and told him to enter directly into Kinn’s room. Porsche did the same and came to know that Kinn was a Gay. But, this thing didn’t affect Porsche. Well, Porsche remembers the kiss that Kinn was talking about. He realized that maybe Kinn likes him.

KinnPorsche Episode 5
KinnPorsche Episode 4

Meanwhile, at the open house function of Porsche’s younger brother’s school, we get to know about Kinn’s younger brother, Kim. In the Diamond auction, Kinn wins over every mafia who participated as he bid $100 million for that diamond necklace. Meanwhile, Porshe gets kidnapped and later, it is revealed that Vegas was trying to do sexually wrong with him. But Kinn saves Porsche. Again, Kinn and Porsche were alone but in the last scene, both had a tempting kiss and it seems that they are about to make out. Now, in KinnPorsche episode 5, we might know more about Kim. Also, we might see the unknown relationship between Kinn and Porsche getting more romantic.

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Who are the Cast Members of The Thai Drama Series?

Kinn Anakinn Theerapanyakul and Porsche Pitchaya Kittisawasd are the main characters of the show, Phakphum Rosaithong, and Nattawin Wattanagitiphat is playing these roles respectively. Well, Porsche is a part-time waiter at a Bar where he earns good because he deals with the rich ladies in the bar in such a way that they get impressed. Also, he is a good fighter. Meanwhile, Kinn is the middle son of a mafia. Talking about the other characters, we see Jakapan Putta as Pete who is Tankhun’s head bodyguard.

Tankhun is the elder brother of Kinn. He hates Vegas who is the elder son of another mafia family that is not so successful as Kinn’s family. Wichapas Sumettikul is playing the role of Vegas. Furthermore, the youngest son of the mafia family is Jeff Satur as Kim. Porsche also has a younger brother who studies in high school. Tinnasit Isarapongporn is playing the character of Porsche’s brother. Moreover, there are more characters such as the bodyguards, the mafia family’s head, Kinn’s friends, the mafia family’s rivals, and many more.

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What is KinnPorsche Episode 5 Release Date?

KinnPorsche Season 5 Release Date is May 7, 2022. When the official trailer of the Thai Drama Series was released on the internet, it was bout 8-9 mins. People went crazy after watching the trailer. They were waiting eagerly for the series. And finally, we see KinnPorsche aired on April 2, 2022. The second episode was aired after a gap of 7 days on April 9, 2022.

KinnPorsche Episode 5 Release Date
KinnPorsche Episode 5 Release Date

Episode three was released on April 23, 2022, in which Porsche was serious about his training as the head bodyguard of Kinn. Lastly, KinnPorsche Episode 4 was aired on April 30, 2022. We might predict that all the upcoming KinnPorsche episodes will be available within the gap of 7 days. But, right now, we can just predict so let’s wait for KinnPorsche episode 5 which will be available on May 7, 2022.

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