Kingdom Season 4: When Will it Be Released?

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date Revealed
Kingdom Season 4

The kingdom is one of the most underrated yet good anime in all of the anime genres. This animated series is truly an addictive series with twists, cliffhangers, and deep character sketches. Three seasons already made their appearance on screens and gained a lot of attention from across the world. In this article, We will talk about the upcoming season’s plot, release date, and what to expect. We will also talk about everything which you need to know about Kingdom anime so you can actually find a worth watching anime for yourself. There are a lot of things wrapped in this article, so make sure to read this article till the end.

The kingdom is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. The anime is adapted by Pierrot Studio, which is famous for its ever-green projects, including Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, and many more. Initially, This series didn’t get much popularity, but as the story progressed and subsequent season released, This anime became one of the most anticipated anime ever. The actions, cast, and story are perfectly in sync with lots of cliffhangers which we will talk about in the later section of this article. Now let’s begin.

The Kingdom Plot:

First, let’s talk about the plot of this manga-based anime. This anime is based on Chinese medieval history. The story revolves around the times of the Chinese warring period when a Dragon gazed at the land for 500 years and shook many lands and kingdoms. It was a belief that the cycle of war can’t be prevented, and this is something that happens by the nature of God. In the kingdom of Qin, Li Xin, the major protagonist of the series, trained hard with his best friend Piao.

They both shared the same dream of becoming the Great General of The Heavens. But unfortunately, both of them got separated, and Piao is forced to work under the King as a retainer of the King. After the battle broke out due to coup d’etat, Piao meets with Li Xin, severely wounded, and guides him to meet with China’s King, Ying Zheng, for some reasons. Now, as he starts his journey towards the King, the hardships are waiting for him along the way. Now, he has to pave the way to become the Great General of the Heavens.

It is to be noted that the manga of the Kingdom anime won Guinness World Record. This manga is written by most people, and this collective contribution made this manga the masterclass.

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date Revealed
Kingdom Anime

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date:

Fans were eagerly waiting for the news regarding Kingdom anime. After the cliffhanger at Season 3, It increased the uneasiness of the fans, but now it seems that we finally escaped from the waiting loop and has solid news for the release date of the upcoming season of the Kingdom. This manga-based series written by Yasuhisa Hara is all set to make its comeback in April 2022. We have to wait a little longer to enjoy the best season ever with a lot of action and mysteries. The new season is around the corner and requires a little wait. In the end, If you want to know the story right now, Reading manga is always a choice.

Kingdom Season 4 Release Date Revealed
Kingdom Still Taken From Funimation

Where To Watch Kingdom Anime?

Now comes the last part, From where we can watch the Kingdom anime? Well, there are many sites on the Internet that allow us to watch the show, but the most recommended and preferred platform is Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll has more than thousands of anime in its arsenal and allows us to watch all of them on a single subscription anytime, anywhere.

If you are following any ongoing hit, Then this platform can be a really good deal as you can enjoy the episode just after the airing in Japan. This platform supports chrome casting, so you can enjoy your favorite anime on TV also. The best part of this platform is, It supports ad content also, so if you want to enjoy your favorite show without paying the price of the subscription. Then you can watch it with ads of Standard quality.

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