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Kingdom Season 3 Special Episode: Everything We Know So Far

Kingdom season 3 release date
South Korean, drama Kingdom

Kingdom Season 3 Special Episode is something we will be dealing with today. The famous South Korean drama has been a tremendous hit. Fans are simply just crazy about the show. Now after successful two seasons series is expected to be renewed for a third season. But is that really happening, What is ‘Ashin of the North’ exactly, and is why is it being called the third season. Actually  ‘Ashin of the North’ is not the third season but a special episode of the famous series, Kingdom. Apparently, this special episode will focus on the famous actress Gianna Jun’s character. Ashin is a character from the last season that appeared in the drama for a brief moment of time, and hence this whole episode will now mostly reveal the suspicions from Ashins characters. What more is to expect from the drama’s special episode isn’t clear yet.

Kingdom is a special drama due to many reasons. The first reason being is that the drama was the first Netflix original Korean series. The famous Netflix original series was adapted from the webcomic series the Kingdom of the gods. After the release of the first season, it got renewed for the second due to the high demand from the fans. The webcomic series was authored by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il. Whereas the series was directed under Kim Sung Hoon, and the screenwriting was done under Kim Eun Hee.

With the release of the sidequel or the special episode, more mysteries regarding Ashin would be revealed. Also not to mention the presence of Jung Jin Hun as a character in the drama makes it huge in itself. The first season of the drama premiered on 25th January 2019. And the second season was released on 13th March 2020.

Kingdom season 3: Everything we know so far

A Still from the horror-thriller drama Kingdom

Kingdom Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Kingdom Season 3 Everything We Know So Far is something that will be dealt with here. The drama was immensely famous and successful in the entire world. Even after having two seasons, fans are demanding another one. Any news regarding the third season of the show hasn’t been revealed by the production yet. Though fans are highly hopeful about the renewal of the drama yet again until now, there is no news as such. A special episode of the drama regarding the character Ashin is soon going to be released next. Many fans are considering the teaser to be a glimpse of the 3rd season. But that isn’t the case. Gianna Jun’s character, Ashin that was showed at the end of season two, will get an approach and exposure to develop with this new special episode.

Kingdom season 3: Everything we know so far

A Still from the South Korean horror thriller drama, Kingdom

The mysterious woman that left many wondering about the same will be taken up in the special episode. It has been named the ‘Ashin of the North’. A new official teaser of the special episode was also released by the production on 4th June 2021. As soon as the teaser dropped it instantly attracted the attention of its numerous fans all over the globe. With that, even the release date of the episode was announced. Though this isn’t the 3rd season, yet as the phrase rightly states, something is better than nothing, so we are just happy to know we will see our favorite drama’s special episode very soon. And for all those who still tremendously miss the horror-thriller drama, you can watch it anytime on the global streaming site Netflix.

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Kingdom Season 3 Special Episode ‘Ashin of the North’ Release Date

‘Ashin of the North’ Release date is something we will be taking up next. Just after hearing any new glimpse coming up next about the drama, we are all just superly excited to know when will the episode release. The special episode of the drama Kingdom has been named ‘Ashin of the North’. It is scheduled to release on 23rd July 2021 on the global streaming site Netflix. Kingdom has rightly molded horror against a historical backdrop. The superhit Korean thriller series has just made us fall in for the show completely. The drama set in the Joseon Era captivates the attention of its views completely. Now with this new special episode releasing many new dynamics of the show will also release next. All we can do for now is genuinely wish for a 3rd season to come as soon as possible.

South Korean drama Kingdom season 3

A Still from the South Korean drama, Kingdom

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