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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 reveals Xin vs. Pang Nuan, aka God of War, where Xin charged his horse Jin that KO’d Pang Nuan’s horse. Xin’s horse Jin also suffered a broken leg injury after colliding with Pang Nuan’s horse. Kingdom Season 3 reveals the final battle between Li Mu’s army and Xin’s army. From the latest Kingdom Season 3 Episode, Xing clashed with Pang Nuan, God of War. Xin realizes that he has to make Pang Nuan pay since Pang killed General Bio in the past. All the troops as watching the two as they take one on one. The king from the reinforcement notices that Xin is targeting something.

Xin’s men think that he is out of range. Pang notices that Xin wants to destroy his weapon and then kill him. The General at the castle is waiting to hear the results of Xin and Pang’s duel; Bi Hei is surprised to see Xin sending the God of War flying. Mu Lu’s army is surprised that Xin knocked out Pang Nuan. Pang tries to keep his balance, but he receives a blade on his chest. He jumps away before Xin’s sword completely pierces him. Xin told him that he had nowhere to go.

Pang Nuan uses his signature knob move that misses the target, and he is surprised to see Xin on the air. Xin slashes Pang’s face, who uses his weapon to smash Xin and send him flying. Pang is angry that Xin cut his face, and Xin gets up after receiving that powerful blow. He gets up and grabs his sword snd his men can’t believe that he survive the fatal blow. Li Mu talked with Jin Chengchang, who noticed that their men were getting pulverized. Jin Chengchang wonders why Li Mu is hesitating.

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24

Jin Chengchang reminds Li Mu that the war is decided and why they are not retreating. Li Mu replies that he is aware and all the troops will retreat, except for the one he is leading since he has to take care of some business. One of the geezer’s Generals reminds him that he doesn’t have to die in this battle. The geezer adds that no matter what Li Mu must see through to the end, he doesn’t have to die since he is one of the men who started this war. The geezer adds that it is his job to bring up the rear.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25

Kingdom Season 3

He believes that Pang Nuan will lose, and he must leave this battle since he has no match for a furious man like Xin. They wonder what they have to do; cut to the battle, Pang is surprised that this boy had landed a fatal blow slowing down his body. But Xin is also wounded, and his body is shaking. Bi Hei is scared for Xin’s life. Pang wonders if he was outsmarted from the start. Two soldiers from Li Mu’s side appeared before the two and told Puang Nuan to withdraw. They block Xin’s path.

Jin Chechang also arrives and explaining why Puang Nuan has to withdraw. He reveals the words coming from Li Mu’s mouth and that they are retreating. Bi Hei wonders if he has heard the word retreat from Ji Chengchan. Puang Nuan realizes that they are telling the truth, and if he disobeys, his grave will be in the middle of this battle. Xin is surprised that God of War is running away from the battle. Pang Nuan left a message for Xin that he will never forgive and forget Xin’s name.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 Release Date

Kingdom-Season 3 Episode 25 will be released on 11 October 2021. Xin vs. Puang Nuan ended in a stalemate and left everyone surprised. Bi Hei is glad that the battle is over. Bi Hei shouts that Xiun drove off Pang Nuan and Xin’s men celebrate. Xin falls unconscious, and they take him to treat him. The battle that lasts for a month is now over, but the retreat generals have something on their minds. Let’s look at Kingdom Season 3 official streaming details and other updates below.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25

Kingdom Season 3

Watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 online on Funimation & AnimeLab on Monday at 12:05 AM. If you are in the UK or other regions, you can watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 25 online on Anime Digital Network & ANIPLUS. Kingdom Season 3 will release every week, but the third season will conclude with a single episode left.

Those who prefer streaming online can visit AnimeLab and Funimation. But the Dub is not available until the episode finale releases. Kingdom will officially announce another season since the third one will conclude in the coming weeks. If you are failing to use the above streaming platforms, you can try STARZPLAY & ANIPLUS Asia.

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