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Spoilers & Preview: Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17

Kingdom Season 3
Kingdom Season 3

Let’s find how Wang will stop the enemy from destroying Hangu Pass before we had to Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17. The battle is at its peak after Meng Wun slaughtered Han Ming, and his army advanced, further pulverizing their enemies. Meng Ao suffered a significant loss after the enemies invaded Hangu Pass. He thinks that an old geezer like him is good for nothing since he let Hangu Pass fall. Meng Ao apologizes that he failed the Qin and the citizens. Fortunately, Wang Army arrives in time and forces the enemies back before they open the block gate of Hangu Pass. Wang Jian Army managed to secure the Hangu Pass entrance, and Qin got to save.

Inside the royal castle, the generals agree to send reinforcement to Hangu Pass after realizing that the gate is blocked. The episode title is ”The Battle of Hangu Pass, Day 16.” The soldiers wake up in the morning, and they are yawning, showing that the battle has overwhelmed them. Han, Zhao, Yan, Wei, and the Chu have allied to break in Hangu Pass. The soldiers announce that the Chu general has arrived, and she heads to the tent; other generals complain that Wan Lin is late, and she apologizes.

Acting Commanding General of Han-Zhan Yin comments that she is big after look at her. Wa Lin steps forth and asks the general which one of you morons got duped by Wang Jian. Zhan Yin wonders how she called respected general morons. Wa Lin comments that if the moron didn’t screw up, they would have destroyed Hangu Pass. Wa Lin gets closer to Zhan Yin, who is sweating and talks near his ear, asking if he is the moron who screws up. Zhan Yin stutters as he replies, ”Er,n-no…I’m Zha Yin of Han.”

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16

One of the generals asks  Wa Lin if she called the Great Wu Lu Duo a moron. Wan Lin replies that he is a moron since he called her giantess. The second general told Wa Lin to stop with that, and they can get down to business. Wa Lin continues to pressure Zhan Yin and comments that giantess is an awful thing to call a young maiden.

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3

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Li Mu’s Message

She told Yan that no one called her giantess and lived. Yan asks if she is sensitive about her height, and he can sleep with her if she likes it tonight. Wan Lin comments that it is a treat. The rest of the general told the two to stop since they would spend the day without talking about anything important.  They realize that they can’t return empty-handed after plotting such an ambitious war without breaching Hangu Pass, much less storming Xianyang, and it will make them the world’s laughingstocks.

Yan comments that most stand to lose face is Lord Chunsen, the self-proclaimed leader of the coalition army, and Li Mu, who pulled all the strings. But those two are late and haven’t arrived. Wa Lin is surprised that Li Mu hasn’t come, and Yan said he might be rolling in bed depressed. They discovered that Li Mu has already left the coalition army, and they must select a thousand of the best troop from each nation’s military and send them to Li Mu.

That the command Li Mu left behind, Yan gets furious and wonders why they have to send one thousand elite troops to Li Mu. One of the generals realizes that Li Mu is up to something. At the battle, Xin and his men have found Li Mu and notice that his army is moving. Ten notice that the Li Mu Army is here for a real battle.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 Release Date

Kingdom-Season 3 Episode 17 release date is 9 August 2021, Monday at 12:10 AM. This anime will announce another season soon since the third season is left with six episodes to conclude. You can get the episode on Sunday if you convert the Japanese time to your local time. Kingdom Season 3 releases a new episode every Monday. Let’s take a look at the Animelab official preview of Kingdom Season 3 below.

Where To Watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17?

You can watch Kingdom Season 3 Episode 17 online on Animelab and Funimation. Kingdom Season 3 is available on its Twitter account, website, and other platforms. The latest episodes, Kingdom Season 3, are available on Funimation as soon as the anime releases. You can get Kingdom Season 3 episodes with English subtitles. Let’s meet next time after Kingdom Season 3 releases the latest episode. You can look at Preview & Recap: Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16.

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