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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15: Release Date, Preview and Recap

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3 has returned from break; let’s look at the recent updates. Han and Meng got involved in one-on-one combat when Meng got defeat and lies unconscious on top of his horse. The generals never expect Meng to get defeated, but he got plans from His Majesty before the fight. During the battle, Han landed the blows that unleashed a wind that destroyed Meng’s armor. Meng Wu’s men got surprised when they witness their boss getting KO’d and showed white eyes. Han comments that it is over for Meng. The episode is titled ”The Mightiest Man.”

Han stands with pride that he had blasted his enemy. The generals wonder if it is true that Meng Wu got pulverized and he might get killed. Meng Wu’s men wanted to interfere to save their boss, by one of the soldiers told them to wait and see how this will end. The guy is confident that Men Wu won on the battlefield, and one should dim his glory. The soldiers argue that Meng Wu will get slaughtered if they don’t interfere, and the other soldier comments that Meng Wu will lose his honor as a respected general if they interfere.

The soldiers realize that Han Ming’s men will also attack in full force and ruin Meng’s plan. Chu’s soldiers will also join the battle, and the leader of the soldiers told his men to follow in Meng Wu’s footsteps together. The soldiers agree, but Han Ming’s men wait for Han to land the final blow and launch a surprise attack. Meng Wu is still unconscious and had a dream when His Majesty is calling his name. His Majesty told Meng about a long and storied military career.

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14

His Majesty spoke about a general’s ranks and that things don’t rest on one’s shoulders. Hang Ming may well be the middle Kingdom’s mightiest, and when times come, he will conquer even Meng since he is the stronger man. His Majesty has faith in Meng, who suddenly wakes up. The soldiers get surprised that he woke up from the dead. His Majesty also told Meng that he is the one who will put Han to the ground.

Meng landed a massive strike that almost blew Han, who blocked it using his weapon. Meng asks who is the mightiest man and begins to shower Han with heavy blows that shocked Han’s men. Han got pushed back, and Meng’s men cheer for the boss since he has risen. Han thought Meng was his meal, but the tides have changed. Hang can’t believe that Meng broke his arm. He wonders why the ”greatest” Hang Ming’s arm got broken.

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3

Meng Wu’s Victory

Han Ming shouts that Meng Wu will pay, and Meng Wu replies that he is the strongest in the Middle Kingdom. Meng’s son notices that his father is in an intense battle. All eyes are on Meng Wu vs. Han Ming. Wa Lin calls Ba Miu and orders him to summon Wan Yan. Wan Yan arrives at full speed and asks his sister what she wants. Wan Lin told her brother to sneak and stab Meng Wu in the heart from behind.

Ba Miu thinks Wa Lin is playing dirty games and tells her to wait since Han Ming won’t stay quiet as they consider that as a one-on-one battle. Ba Miu reminds Wa Lin that Han Ming’s men will come for them if they try to mess with their master prey. Wan Yan slap Ba Miu with a spear and told him to relax since his sister is well aware. But she can share her reason with her fool brother. Wa Lin reveals that no one can take Han Ming’s place for better or for worse. Wa Lin also said she couldn’t even handle Han Ming’s army.

If Han Ming gets defeated by Meng Wu, it means the battlefield is don for, so Meng must be eliminated. Wa Yan accepted the offer, and Wa Lin told him that he must fall back to his position when he finished Meng, and she will handle the rest. Wa Yan heads to the scene with ten horse riders. Meng Wu defeated Han Ming and puts him to the ground and tole his men to advance. Xin is glad that Meng has won and the other generals have discovered the truth about Wa Lin’s plans.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 15 Release Date

Kingdom-Season 3 Episode 15 release date is 26 July 2021, 12:10 AM JST. You can watch Kingdom Season 3 online on AnimeLabFunimation, and ANIPLUS; you can also look at Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Delayed: All We Know.

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