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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Delayed: All We Know

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3 will return after two weeks; the anime is getting delayed for some reasons. Let’s take a look at the recent updates of the great war. General Wan Lin joined the battle and told her men to attack. Teng’s army realizes that the enemy is attacking from behind. The other soldiers notice that it is Lu Wuwei and Gan Yang attacking them. Teng almost got his head cut off, but one of the generals blocked the spear before it hits his head. Ba Miu got punished that he failed to give correct information about the enemies.

Ba Miu defense himself that he thought the enemies were dead. The Qin army is surprised that Commander Lu Wuwei is advancing without fear. The soldiers wonder what is she is planning to do with her troop. Lu Wuwei and Commander Gang Yang’s small unit has launched a charge at the Wa Lin army’s back. The generals thought Lu Wuwei and Gan Yang were dead. Ba Li’s me asks if they should cover them, and he replies that it is of no use since they are on top of Wa Lin’s army.

Ba Li’s men receive showers of spears from the left, and the captain is surprised to see his men falling to the ground. Wang Ben and Gang Yan are going for the Wa Lin’s Army while attacking from behind. Ba Miu warns Wa Lin that the new enemies are coming from behind. Wa Lin raises her hand and thinks of something. Bai Miu decides to keep quiet after noticing that his boss is coming up with a plan. Wa Lin realizes that all eyes are on her, and they want to take her head.

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13

Lin told Ba Miu that they are moving forward and she will show the big-name foes cuteness. Ba Miu asks if they are withdrawing, and she said no. The episode is titled ”The Strongest.” Wa Lin notices Meng’s army and comments that they are going for something entertaining. Meng Wu and Hang Ming’s battle continues with both sides sweeping each other out. Meng Wu’s army launched a second wave with 15000 troops. Meanwhile, the Hang Ming army has more second waves compared to the first wave. Bei Man trie to analyze the war at both ends, and Gang Mohzu is thinking of something as the warriors continue to brawl.

Han Mings’s men are helping each other with a command of 1000 men. Two armies clashed, followed by Meng Wu’s 5000 men. At Qin HQ Meng and his men are looking at which troop is the strongest. Meng’s men were doing a great job fighting well, but their momentum came to a complete halt before Bei Man’s and Gang Mozhu’s mighty army. Gang Mozhu orders his men to send archers outside to rain down arrows behind them since his heavy unit can handle a melee.

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3

Cheap Trick: Meng Wu vs. Han

Han noticed that Meng Wu is running out of options, and his righthand man agrees with him. They are surprised that Meng presents as an all-out echelon attack that is a two-prolonged tactic focusing on both ends. Meng’s workforce got divided into two, but there is no going back in the event of failure. The other generals think that the tactics are a complete and utter tactical failure. Han believes that Meng is a fool, and one of his men asks if he can advise. Meng to that man to pass with his advice.

The soldiers wonder what Meng thinks since his strategies are awful. Meng replies that it is all according to the plan ”his” plan. The soldiers wonder what their leader is saying. Earlier the His Majesty talked with Meng about a cheap trick that Meng decided to launch during the battle. They spoke about an echelon sweep, and Meng said he is not fond of cheap tricks. His Majesty replies that it is like calling for some scheme. Meng asked if Chu army is a formidable foe.

His Majesty replies that he is saying this because he is a son of Chu, and he has no doubt. Mengs asks about his tactics, and His Majesty replies that the massive nation of Chu puts importance on honor and Han Ming will meet Meng on a one-on-one. They have to execute an echelon sweep of 200o men when Han Ming’s army advances. Then a second echelon sweeps with 1500 while bulking up either end with troops and then strike with 35000 of 4000. Back to the battle, Han interferes and faces Meng in one-on-one combat. Meng got knocked out, and Han comments that it is over.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 Release Date

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14 release date is 19 July 2021, 12:10 AM JST. You can watch Kingdom Season 3 online on AnimeLab.

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