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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13: Preview and Spoilers

Kingdom Season 3

Today we’ll be talking about Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13. The great war in Kingdom history continues in Hangu Pass. Zhang Tang meets his end during the battle. Kingdom Season 3 has recently returned after taking a long break. After General Zhang Tang’s death, Kan Kin took his corpse and vowed to avenge the old geezer’s death. Meanwhile, at Xianyang, the soldiers report that flames are engulfing Hangu Pass. The generals question if there is a signal showing that Hangu Pass has fallen. One of the soldiers replies that there is confirmation regarding the fallen.

One of the generals comments that if there are flames, it is a matter of time for Hangu Pass to burn into ashes. The tremendous general replies that Hangu Pass won’t fall easily. Hangu Pass has lost once, but the lower gate opened, and other entrances got blocked with boulders. So the enemy will have to destroy the Hangu Pass wall and open that lower gate from inside. But no troop can reach there since there are many warriors and the battle is intense—the king orders for the reserves below to be sufficient to repel the enemies.

The generals are worried that the defense could get breached if the enemy came over the mountains entering the battle from the other side. The weakness of the Hangu Pass is between Coalition Army and Qin Army. The soldiers reveal that at the right side of Hangu Pass, there is Wa Lin Army, Han Ming Army, Teng Army, and Meng Wu Army. But Meng Wu and Teng’s Army have allied, and they are fighting the Chu. The battle continues to hang in the balance. Lord Biao’s Army is fitting fiercely and holding against the Zhao Army.

Previously on Kingdom Season 3 Episode 12

The title of the episode is ”The Wa Lin Army’s Charge.” The generals wonder how the troops at the left side of the Hangu Pass are advancing. On the left side, Wang Jian’s Army is clashing against Yan’s Army. Meanwhile, Xiang discovers that Hangu Pass is on fire. The girls wonder if Hangu Pass got destroyed and wonder how Yang is doing. One girl wonders if the troops will make it to the Inner Palace, and Xiang might be having trouble since he is carrying His Highness’s child.

Xiang gets scared, wondering if something will happen to her and the unborn child. The girl comforted Xiang and told her to be a strong woman and pray for the men’s victory. The girls pray for the success of the Qin Army. The higher-ups have lost track of the Wang Jian Army’s battle status. The strategists reveal that the Wang Jian Army vanished during the battle, and they can trace them. One of the higher-ups comments that the Wang Jian Army didn’t run away. What awaits fans in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13?

Wang Jian’s Army

The head of Wang Yi’s illustrious family is talented as Wang Yi. But his dangerous ideas kept him out of King Zhao’s favor. The higher-ups wonder what those dangerous ideas are. The second general reveals that Wang Jian has neither love for his country nor a sense of loyalty. Wang Jian has ambitions of becoming a king. The generals got shocked after finding the truth. Some of them wonder why they assign a man like Wang Jian to a crucial post. Meanwhile, Wang Jian appears somewhere near the battle.

Kingdom Season 3

Kingdom Season 3

Wang Jian said that ”To think Wang Jian would up and run away.” Two hours earlier. Jian’s man report that the Khaoto has infiltrated one of the forts on the right. The Pakoh have got wiped out, and the Zhitmit have taken the left-hand fort. The Saca Hala are struggling in the front. Yu Qi Wei met with Wu Lu Duo and talked about Wang Jian. The Zhai tribe got wiped out in front of Wei. Wu Lu Duo asks about their central offensive unit.

At Qin HQ, they notice that their fort defense is struggling, and they have lost their central fort. Wang Jiang told his man to withdraw back to the present; no one knows where whereabouts of Wang Jiang’s troop. Yan comments that when Wang Jiang runs away, he thinks through about running. Wo Lu Don receives a report that Wang Jiang’s Army ran off to the northwest at full speed. They realize that Jiang is tossing the war by the wayside. Later, General Wan Lin arrives with her men and begins to advance. When should you expect Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13?

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 Release Date

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13 release date is 28 June 2021, 12:10 AM JST. You can watch Kingdom Season 3 online on AnimeLab.

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