‘Kingdom’ Live-Action Film Reveals Another Trailer

After its announcement last April this year, the live-action adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara’s best selling manga series, Kingdom, has been one of the most anticipated movies by anime fans. Fans of this manga want to know if this live-action adaptation will flop or not. A new teaser trailer was released recently. Here’s the video if you haven’t watched it yet.

As per the translation from Anime News Network, the large text on the visuals reads “Take back everything.” while the small text reads “Further onwards, for the sake of a dream.” The new trailer focuses on the meeting between the main characters Shin and Ei Sei. A first trailer was released early last month that shows Yo’s death and Ei Sei revealed everything to Shin. Fans have mixed reaction because of how the anime adaptation, which was released last 2012, has turned out. But by the look of things, the live-action adaptation might turn out nicely.

Kingdom Live Action film is expected to come on April 19, 2019. Kento Yamazaki will be playing the main character, Shin. Ryo Yoshizawa will be playing Ei Sei, the King of Qin. Masami Nagasawa and Kanna Hashimoto will be playing Yo Tanwa and Ka Ryo Ten respectively. Takao Osawa will be playing O Ki, Kanata Hongo will be playing Sei Kyo, Shinnosuke Mitsushima will be playing Heki, Masahiro Takashima will be playing Sho Bun Kun, and Jun Kaname will be playing To.

Kingdom is a story about Shin and Yo who dreamed of being generals to get out of poverty. One day, Yo was taken away for an unknown reason. Yo came back months after and died out of grave wounds. It was later revealed that Yo became a body double to the King when Shin met the real one, Ei Sei. Together, they unite to bring down Ei Sei’s enemies and to unite the warring states of China.

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