Kingdom Chapter 698: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

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Kingdom Chapter 698
Kingdom Chapter 698

Kingdom Chapter 698 reveals the news of Zhao soldiers’ assassination and Kanki’s troop dominance. The chapter begins at Kantan, where Kantan receives a report from the Zhao soldiers. Meanwhile, at Kanyou HQ, Kannyou learns from Gyou via bird about it and more after Kanki’s victory. Kingdom Manga has been on this since Kanki has won the war and orders his men to behead the enemies while distributing the lucky ones. From the latest chapter of Kingdom, the soldiers send a report at the palace about Kanki, who has killed his captives. Sei wants to know the number of the captives killed, and the messenger hesitates to reveal the number.

But Sei insists and discovers that Kanki has assassinated about 100,000. That shocked everyone inside the room, and Rishi talked with Shoubunkun after realizing that the job had become challenging. They also talked about unifying China and that the goal will not end when they dominate every state, but when they allied with people who occupy the state and become one nation, their goals will be complete. But those who got their families killed might try to fight back, and they can’t fight with w the whole world.

Rishi wonders why Kanki became Great General. This leaves the two with many questions since they have no clue as to how the military operates. The two wonder if Kanki is the right guy to lead the wars, and they also talk about one of the Six Great Generals. Sei asks  Shouheikun about the number of soldiers who can move. Shouheikun realizes Sei is talking about  Black Cavalry and Yellow Dragons. Sei wants to send those soldiers to  Kanki. At the HSU HQ, Rei has bad feelings, and Kou talks with her about it.

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Previously on Kingdom Chapter 697

Kou talked about Kanki’s execution of  Zhao warriors. Shin is worried that he couldn’t interfere on Kanki’s path since he was sent far away, and he wants to confront Kanki and send him flying. Ten refused to go since there has no solid reason. Ten reminds Shin about their orders and that Kanki is  Kanki is a Great Six, and he is general. But they don’t have to rush things since this is different from Kokuyou. If they move, another war will begin, but Shin shows no to care about that.

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Kingdom Chapter 698

Ten tries to advise him, and if he wants to do that, he must first step down as general. Shin gets furious, and Ten reminds him about the role of the general. He learns that Ten is telling her that Zhao might send another army after hearing the death of their soldiers, and they don’t want to be in that mix. The soldiers were tired from the last battle, and they needed time to rest, but the new role was to stop Zhao and protect Kanki for the time being. Shin asks her if she says that Kanki’s army will get away with it without punishment.

Ten shed tears and revealed that couldn’t happen since they had killed the surrendered soldiers. But the one who will punish Kanki and his army is not Shin since Qin’s King Ei Sei is there for that task. After nine days, Kanki’s men saw an army advancing and headed to the HQ to report to Kanki. Morron leads them while saying that Kanki is around, and the messenger tells him about the army approaching the camp. Marron thinks that the entire army is coming from their side. The messenger told Marron that the army was talking about strange things.

Kingdom Chapter 698 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 698 will be released on 8 November 2021. Marron wonders what that is, and the messenger reveals that it is King’s Army and Marron gets scared. Kingdom Manga will not take a break this weak since the manga keeps on delaying the latest chapters. In other countries, the latest chapter arrived on Saturday. Another war is about to begin; let’s look at Kingdom Chapter 698 official details and news.

Kingdom Chapter 698

Read Kingdom Chapter 698 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom Chapter 698 online on different platforms. Kingdom Manga is yet to officially announce its websites to access the latest chapter. For now, the viewers can rely on various websites and get spoilers early every week or wait for the main chapter to release on Saturday or Sunday. Let’s meet when Kingdom-Chapter 698 is released.

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