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Kingdom Chapter 696: Release Date & Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 696

Kingdom Chapter 696 reveals Kanki’s troop that has conquered their enemies and make them surrender in the previous battles. Kingdom has been on this battle that ended after Kochou cuts his head. In the latest chapter of Kingdom Kanki’s troops show their dominance over Zhao’s troops. Zhao and other soldiers have surrendered since Kanki outsmarted them. Kingdom Chapter 696 reveals Kaniki’s victory and his soldiers sending the defeated ones to a different location. During the escorting process, Kanki’s men talked about Zhao’s men and how they will fail to capture them if they try to run. We also saw one of the soldiers talking with his leader.

On the other side, Ringyoku encountered Kokuou and Maron and talked about Kouku, who punishes the guy who tries to fight back. Koukou reveals that he didn’t kill the guy, but that guy is severely wounded. But the guy might die due to loss of blood. Ringyoku also had a say about the battle, which he thinks was not supposed to happen. But he praises his boss for his tactics, and Kokuou adds that the boss is the best. Ringyoku talked about Kanki wishing that Kanki should have told executives about his plan.

Kokuou knows that Kanki told Maron about his plans. Maron believed that Kanki and his men were losing, but they had a counterattack that won in the end. The two seem to believe that Kanki told Raido about his tactics. Koukou was shown furiously after hearing that Raido learned about the plan. She was surprised to know that Raido knew the plan before Maron. Maron talked about the messenger Ogiko who revealed the plans to him. Ringyoku realizes that boss is tricky and hard to read.

Previously on Kingdom Chapter 695

Koukou is shown wondering about Kanki and compares his mind with Raido’s mind. Ringyoku is shown being suspicious about something, and Koukou asks about it. Koukou talked about the number of enemies that they believe are huge in number and never expect that. Ringyoku thinks that it was a big deal. Kokuou scolds Moron about how behavior. The two exchange a few words, but Koukou yearn to see Kanki. The trio is approaching the Zhao HQ, but the battle is over. They also saw a soldier at a distance.

Kingdom Chapter 696


Meanwhile, at the HSU HQ, we saw the fighting to make their way beyond Eikyuu. But it seems they didn’t receive a report that Kochou has been slain. Later they saw Zhao withdrawing, and they received a report from Maron that Kanki’s army won the battle. Shin was surprised and thought that it was all lies. Shin believes that the HSU had to stay here and observe the situation of the surrendered Zhao soldiers. Naki interferes and questions the messenger about what happened. The messenger behaves rudely and adds that Kanki, Maron, and Kokuou are safe and know nothing about the others.

At Kanki HQ, the executives were shown getting to the HQ, but Kanki has remained. Kanki is shown heading to that location that the rumors revealed about Raido. The soldier that spread the news also followed. On the other side, Kokou and Maron appear to be talking about Raido, but they seem to have no clues about Raido’s whereabout. One of the soldiers believes that Raido was taken away to  Kochou’s HQ. Ringyoku seems to wonder if Raido is dead. Kokou appeared not convinced that Raido would die like that.

Kingdom Chapter 696 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 696 will be released on 24 October 2021. Kanki was shown arriving at Raido’s box and commented that ugly got uglier. Kanki knows that he told Raido not to fight for a long time, and if things get messed up, he should have run away. He was shown turning Raido’s head and believing that Raido is an idiot since he failed to do what he was ordered. The Saki Clan is also there at the scene, and they also had their say. They are also shown talking with Kanki about this matter. Let’s look at Kingdom Chapter 696 official details below.

Kingdom Chapter 696


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Read Kingdom Chapter 696 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom Chapter 696 online on various websites. Kingdom manga has not offered its official websites yet, but the manga will keep on releasing. The spoilers arrive during the week, and the manga is released on Sunday, but this week the manga is delaying Kingdom Chapter 696. That was all about the update of Kingdom Chapter 696. Let’s meet when Kingdom Chapter 696 releases

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